13 Things You Might Not Know About Gayle

  1. I’m a woman. There seems to be some confusion about my gender, which I find disturbing if you’ve seen my author photo.

    Photo: © Dennis Kleiman

  2. I used to be a journalist. My first job was for Seventeen magazine. You can see some of my articles here.

  3. When I was little I wanted to grow up to be the sun. I was devastated to learn this was not a career option.

  4. Adam from If I Stay was inspired by my husband, Nick. No, you cannot meet him.

  5. Willem from Just One Day/Year was inspired by some Dutch guy who dumped me. (Willem is my revenge.) No, you don’t want to meet him.

  6. I bombed my SATs. I still did okay in life.

  7. I was once an extra in a Bollywood movie. (And yes, that’s where I got that part of Just One Year from.)

  8. I have been to 64 countries. I used to travel a lot. I once wrote a book about it. Favorite country visited: India. Least-favorite country: Tonga. (Sorry, Tonga.)

  9. I can bake a batch of cupcakes from scratch in under 20 minutes.

  10. The worst job I ever had was as a data-entry clerk. Honorable mention to hotel maid and traveling flower seller girl.

  11. I have learned, and forgotten, three foreign languages. Regretfully, French is not one of them.

  12. I took three years off to travel before college.

  13. As a teen, I was so obsessed with Molly Ringwald that I started biting my lip like she did and now I have a permanent scar. And this is why I am a YA author.