May 27th, 2009

It’s Ikea Day!!!!

And then Friday, is BEA Day!!!

I approach these things with equal parts excitement and trepidation. Giant megastores are full of things I love and need—home furnishings in Ikea’s case, books in BEA’s— but must also wade through and get out of in enough time to pick up my kid from school by 3. So, kind of like a reality-TV challenge for me.

But, it’s a big year. New book means I get to go to BEA to do a signing. Yay!!! And anyone reading this who will be at BEA (that’s acronym jargon for Book Expo America, a ginormous book trade show), I’ll be signing at the Penguin Young Readers Booth at 10 a.m. on Friday. Come and say hi. And new kid means I have to go to Ikea. Willa’s bedroom—soon to be Willa and Denbele’s bedroom—is dinky. Two kids in there means bunkbeds, which we did last Saturday with this snazzy number (we didn’t do the drapes because it felt claustrophobic in there and besides Willa would get jealous of not having a tent on the top bunk bunk and these beds were already more expensive than Nick’s and mine):


And today we get the obligatory Ikea Expedit cube in hopes of organizing all the toys. Also some office organization so my desk maybe stops looking like this:


Seriously, it is that bad. And you should see inside the drawers. My friend Joell has promised to boot-camp organize me.

Anyhow, this is why I’m off to Ikea. And the Friday to BEA (where I will no doubt get some galleys, which will only add to my piles. Joell, save me!!!!!).

So, short post today.

And total aside, and speaking of reality TV, in France, I’m like an MTV star. Okay, not really, but L’Etudiant, the big French students’ magazine, which ran a huge excerpt of If I Stay and invited me to their offices when I was in Paris, has put together this great little video, complete with a Clash soundtrack. It’s dubbed in French but you can hear me talking, but like everything, I sound better in French. You can watch it here.

Off to the megastores. Wish me luck. And keep those roadtrip playlists coming!!!

  1. so jealous of willa and denbele..i always wanted bunk beds. but with there being 10 years between my sister and i/three bedrooms at my parent’s house, my parents just thought i was crazy.

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