one of those days

June 8th, 2009

6:07 p.m.: Still wearing my pajamas. Have not left the apartment. Ate my first meal of the day (not counting the morning smoothie) about an hour ago. Have a lingering hunger headache. And it’s sunny out today and I missed the sunshine and yoga class (which I never go to anymore. I am sooo out of shape). 

On the flipside: I got a TON of writing done.

Oh well, when it’s flowing, you don’t get in its way. Or, apparently, get dressed.

  1. Yay for writing, but sorry about everything else. Sometimes it’s good to relax…but eating is a good thing. Mmmm smooooothieeee.

    -Lauren :O)

  2. maybe you need to rest today.
    I received the audiobook today ! Thanks a lot

  3. i love reading your blog, especially for posts like these :) i’ve been meaning to send you a thank you, the audiobook came the other day and i love it! thank you!

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