are they serious?

June 9th, 2009

Okay, I love Entertainment Weekly and there is no such thing as bad press, but really, first the review of the book basically slams If I Stay for not being enough like Twilight when no one but EW (okay and The Daily Beast) ever said it was anything like the Vampiric love saga.

Now, a Popwatch item referring to the Wall Street Journal piece on “dark” teen books, labels If I Stay as “death-centric” and questions whether books like this and Laurie Halse Anderson’s wonderful Wintergirls are “dangerous?”

I know Popwatch is just trying to be provocative and get the conversation going but this is all a little silly. Yes, people die in If I Stay, and Mia contemplates issues of mortality, but if you ask me, it is a book about love and life, not death, and as many readers have noted to me, it’s not really all that dark.

I mean, come on. Reductive much?┬áIf YA novels can be nuanced, shouldn’t adult publications set the bar a little higher?

  1. I believe some people still think YA based stories should be directed to ages 9-15, and they (those reporting on such things as books, movies) expect the “1950s” idea of the kids that age to read/watch “appropriate” things about rainbows and by-golly good ol’ games of shoots n’ ladders. Well little do they know times have changed.. major changes. The Media only wants us to hear their own ideas; not the public, go figure. I state again, If I Stay: perfect, real, relate-able! to anyone, any age, regardless of their personal situations, there is something in this book that anyone can relate to and yes its real. Life isn’t perfect, why write as if it is?

    GOOD News!

    I got my audio book today!! :) !!

    Thank You So Much !!All the Best!

  2. I love the audiobook ! I’m listening it.
    I don’t care about what journalist said about a book or a cd.I want to discover it by myself.I just care about what some blogs said.


  3. Wow…I agree, If I Stay really is an amazng novel that deals with life and love AND death, but it isn’t an overally dark novel. I found it to be sad and sweet and happy and loving and all these things. These type of books aren’t dangerous. I guess you’re right…they just want to get people debating and will use anything. But I suppose like you said, any press is spreading the word. Let’s just hope people won’t listen to them and will go and read the book.



    someone else thought that katie roiphe missed the point in the WSJ.

    teenagers have ALWAYS liked “dark” books. DOY. this is not new. what’s new is the sheer number of wonderful books for teenagers (many dealing with yes! serious! subjects!) that have crossed over to adults. THAT’S the story, hi.

  5. Ahh, I love Lisa Von Drasek from Earlyworld. She is the coolest!
    I’m all for trend stories if they relate to actual trends. The funny thing about the YA story is there IS a trend story out there, but none of the publications want to touch it. And it’s such an obvious trend to some of us but the rest of the world is clueless, except perhaps where the Twimom phenomenon is concerned.
    Okay, ready to hear the trend? I’ll spill. Come closer. Okay, here it is:
    Adults read YA!!!!!!!

  6. i love this book man.i know its hard to hear such idiotic comments about such wonderful work but who cares?yes,they’re entitled to they’re own opinion but so are we and i say “YALL ARE RIDICULOUS”!this book is about life,loss,and moving on.btw,im in love with adam ((:
    take care ms.forman.this is the first book of yours that ive read and after doing so i am pretty darn sure that ill be purchasing your books nonstop from now on.

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