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June 18th, 2009

The lengths a girl will go to in order to get her book excerpted on Like me, I’ve been cavorting with a guy who works at ABC for like 16 years just to get my book up on the web site. Okay, it’s my husband, Nick, who works as a research librarian there (for now, anyway). And he managed to play publicist for me and get my book into someone’s hands who got into someone else’s hands and now the Good Morning America web site is running a really long except on its web site.

If you haven’t read the book, you can read the opening chapters here. If you have read the book, please go here and post a comment. Apparently, this is very important and determines how much visibility ABC gives it and who knows, it could make the TV people pay attention.

Actually, while I’m browbeating for favors, will you pretty-please post comments on Amazon, too if you do that kind of thing? I’m one of those people who really pays attention to user reviews and after a zooming start, If I Stay is showing a modest twentysomething comments. Let’s boost that.

I’ll owe you.

Wait, I already do.

Just add it to the IOU pile.

But I’m only cavorting with Nick.

  1. Are parents allowed to post comments on Amazon? We are going to to it anyway. And you won’t owe us because you have paid us many times over by just being our daughter.

    We Love You!

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