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June 24th, 2009

The film version of If I Stay is still a way’s off. Right now, the screenplay is being written by Shauna Cross. And after that, well, things can move swiftly or they can stall. I try to be Zen about these things of which I have no control. Which is so not me, but I’m trying.

But I’ve been getting a lot of emails lately from fans with very strong opinions about who should or should not play what roles in the movie. This came up again recently after Catherine Hardwicke made a casual, offhand remark about how she’d like to work with Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattison (or KStew and RPatt as they’re apparently now known) again. In the hepped up world of the blogosphere, this turned into speculation of which of Catherine’s many upcoming films they might star in? Could they be reunited as Mia and Adam?

Doubt it. KStewRPatt are so integrally tied to the characters of Bella and Edward, so wonderfully tied to those characters, because they were so well cast in those roles. For that exact reason, that pairing wouldn’t work in other films.

But people ask me if I’ve thought of other actors who might be in the movie version. I hadn’t before this all started. I had my own versions of Mia and Adam and everyone else in my head from writing them, but since then, I’ve had a chance to ponder my own casting choices based on my VERY LIMITED knowledge of actors. I have absolutely nothing to do with the casting process, and  none of these people would likely ever get cast and mostly I’d want them because I love them in other stuff or because they look like how the characters look in my mind. But hey, it’s fun to play casting director, right. So, without further ado.

My choice for Dad is:

Seriously. Could anyone be more perfect? Can’t you see Johnny Depp as the rocker dad and as the bowtie dad? And as a dad to a daughter himself, it would be even dreamier. Didn’t he play Captain Jack for his kid? Well this would be a role for his teenage kid (and for Vannesa Paradis. If I Stay is popular in France!) Then again, as a $20 million dollar A-lister, I can’t really see JD taking a supporting role in what will likely be a not huge budget movie. But a girl can dream.


I’ve been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica lately and I’ve kind of become obsessed with Katee Sackhoff, who plays the badass pilot (and apparently world savior) Starbuck. She is about ten years too young to play Mom at the age she is during the present day of the book/movie, but there is something about this actress that I love. She can portray that perfect mix of toughness and vulnerability and a little bit of white trashiness. And she’s got an awesomely strong bod (but not too thin). Added bonus, according to IMDB, she’s from Portland! And she looks like what Mom looks like in my head, except with longer hair. But she’s hardly been in any movies, so she’d be a longshot.


My Adam choice hails from another TV show I’m obsessed with even though the character Zach Gilford plays on Friday Night Lights is pretty different from Adam. The mumbling, stumbling down-on-his-luck Matt Saracen lacks the confidence and swagger and indie-rock sensibility of Adam. But both of these guys have a deep sense of integrity and cheekbones to cut butter. Imagine Saracen without the mumbling twang, with tight skinny jeans and a guitar slung over his hips, a little tattoo peeking out of his biceps and  a bit more sexual charisma. Are you starting to feel Adam?


Strangely, Mia is the one I have the hardest time fantasy casting. Maybe that’s because before I ever saw Twilight, I saw Kristen Stewart in Into The Wild and fell in love with her and thought she actually looked like Mia as I’d imagined her, and once I saw her in Twilight, fell head over heels for her as much as Edward did. And I think she’s a fantastic actress, but, for the next five years anyhow, she’s Bella—at least in any broody love story set in the Pacific Northwest. Don’t get me wrong, if she wound up as Mia (though not opposite RPatt) I would be happy, but I just don’t see it happening. So who else? Dakota Fanning? Kat Denning? I don’t know. I have a feeling it’ll be someone off the radar, someone, I hope, we’ll all fall in love with as much as Adam falls in love with Mia.

  1. Hey,
    Remember me? I wrote you on your facebook and I asked you about the casting process. I you wrote me back that I should ask my agent to call Summit and all. Well I talked about to my agent and she said she will try to get me an audition for the role of Mia, which I would love to play her. I read the book and completely fell in love with it, You are very talanted. Even if I am living in Quebec, I hope I’ll be able to get an audition.

  2. Well Gayle, you already know who I think would make an awesome Mia and that is Olivia Thirlby. She’s not mainstream enough to take the movie goer out of the film but she looks right and she’s enormously talented. If you don’t know who she is…see Juno – she’s the BFF (but she’s actually a brunette).

    I think she’d be ideal as Mia – perfection.

    As for gramps – totally have a long time crush on the young and old James Garner. I dig the man and think he’d be lovely.

    Adam – I totally agree with Zach Gilford. He’s got a lot of range and according to reviews of a little Indie called Dare – he can do confident and manly. Not that Matt isn’t manly but we already know from FNL that the boy is delicious and can do sensativity, grief, hopelessness etc.

  3. My friend Jerri and I have discussed this..and we are totally feeling Bradley Cooper for the pops and Cameron Diaz for the mom! When I was reading the book, I kind of pictured the lead singer from All-American Rejects for Adam, but he’s a little old and kind of cracked-out looking these days. And Olivia Thirlby would be amaaazing, even though I have a feeling that Mia will be just as difficult to cast as it must have been for the Twilight people to find a Bella! Reading the book, you are so in her head that you can’t help but just picture yourself!

  4. Some Amazing Choices I think, would be as followed

    Hugh Laurie – dad
    Jim Carrey – dad
    Will Ferrell- dad
    Jack Black – dad
    Mike Myers – dad
    Steve Carell – dad
    Adam Sandler – dad

    Kate Hudson -Mom
    Chelsea Handler- mom
    Cameron Diaz – mom
    Christina Applegate – mom
    Tina Fey – mom
    Jenny McCarthy – mom

    Clint Eastwood Grandpa
    Robert Duvall Grandpa
    michael caine Grandpa
    Robin Williams Grandpa
    steve martin Grandpa

    Glenn Close Grandma
    Diane Keaton Grandma
    Jane Fonda Grandma
    goldie hawn Grandma
    meryl streep Grandma

    Penn Badgley Adam
    Thomas Dekker Adam
    Shia LaBeouf Adam
    Adam Lambert Adam
    Justin Timberlake Adam
    Robert Pattinson Adam

    Mia. Choices – (Honestly I really can not picture very many choices for Mia. Except the following)

    Who Knows. I know some would be long shots but they all have a little bit of the characters as of now, then once they would get into the part or character, they would be amazing. *Due to copyright laws, I didn’t want to post anymore pictures then needed, Google the names if you’re not sure

    What are your thoughts ? ?


  5. OK! sorry my links did not post, let me try once more if not I will post a link

  6. I tried, as you see it failed. So I sent a message, very sorry for taking up all your blog space. Carry On Bloggers! Input: Johnny Depp would be wonderful.

  7. Oh, Johnny Depp would be fab. I can see him doing that. Hugh Laurie is great as well. Ah, I love them both.

    I love Kristen too but having her be Mia…I don’t know. I like it, but she’s so Bella now so I’m not sure.

  8. I like All of the choices, I would love to play kim XD lol that would be fun I love the book so much if you still need a kim I would love to try out

  9. I’m thinking Emma Roberts (Julia Robert’s niece)for Mia. I think Mia is not the prettiest girl but she has to look very smart.

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