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July 24th, 2009

I gotta admit, I got nuthin to say these days.

My parents are visiting. I had the stomach flu. My household is alternately a bastion of sibling sweetness and ground zero for resentment and rivalry. Yesterday: “I don’t like her anymore,” Willa told me, followed by, a few hours later, the real issue: “Who do you love more?”

Seriously, I know this stuff isn’t interesting, so unless you want to hear about the ups and downs of sibling rivalry or precisely how many times I threw up, or how much willpower it kept from puking while changing one of Denbele’s NASTY diapers—and I know you don’t—there ain’t much to say. Which is why the sporadic posts.

But, thank goodness, an interview I did with The Guardian  (one of the biggest newspapers in the UK) about two months ago is finally running. So I do have something of interest to post. Written by someone else. You can read it here.

Interesting note about the piece: I’ve heard people complain that Mia doesn’t seem like a teenager, and I have said, and do say in this article, that when her voice came to me, it was more mature than my own. But I still think she’s an authentic teenager. Just a mature one. That sometimes happens with only children (which Mia was for the first ten years), and only children of young parents, and of serious musicians. She just seemed  preternaturally wise from the get-go, one of those old-souls, unlike me, clearly a newbie soul.

Okay, back to the mines, peeps.


  1. i agree! my parents were 23 when they had me and i was an only child for 10 years too, until my sister was born (sidenote: my mom actually did make me go shopping with her when she went into labor because she didn’t want to call my stepdad right away and freak him out). and although i was never a serious cello player or anything, i was always really intense with volleyball and sports and taking care of my friends and family, so mia’s perspective was totally natural for me!

    hope you feel better soon!

  2. yay for the guardian! sorry re stomach flu. maybe just as well couldn’t come today. will buzz you over w/end. xxx

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