so that’s what’s happening with the movie!

October 1st, 2009

People often ask me what’s happening with the If I Stay movie and I always tell them I don’t know. I’m not being coy. I really don’t. I’m in the dark. In part because Hollywood moves at its  own mysterious pace, and also because I’m trying to be hands off and Zen over a process over which I have ZERO control. Also, I keep reading about how Catherine Hardwicke is attached to yet another movie (Hamlet, some modern take on Little Red Riding Hood, Maximum Ride) and I get a sinking feeling. So, I just pretend that my movie isn’t happening and then allow myself to be presently (OMG, I’m so sleep-deprived and brain dead) pleasantly surprised by news that it might be.

A little glimmer of might be came in yesterday. The movie’s screenwriter is the awesome Shauna Cross, who wrote the YA novel Derby Girl, which she adapted for the forthcoming movie Whip It (starring Ellen Page and Drew Barrymore in her directorial debut). Shauna was interviewed in a round-table discussion a few days ago in conjunction with Whip It’s forthcoming release. I think the movie looks delicious; check out the trailer.

Anyhow, here’s what she had to say in the Q&A on

According to IMDB, you’re attached to a project called “If I Stay”.

Shauna Cross: That’s a book adaptation. The name is “If I Stay”. Catherine Hardwicke is directing it. We’re just about to go to cast and it’s a pretty special project. It’s kind of…it’s got an edge to it and it’s funny and heartbreaking and it’s a little “Lovely Bones” esque. There is definitely a lot of humor in there but it’s definitely more dramatic than I’ve done before. It’s been an amazing experience and it’s an incredible story.

Is there a logline to it?

catherine hardwicke (1).jpgShauna: You know it sounds kind of odd but it’s about a young woman who gets in a terrible car accident with her family and it follows the 24 hours of her outside of her body in a coma. She sort of looks over her life and sees the fallout of what happens to everyone in the car accident and she basically has the choice of whether to live or die…given the tragedy. And it sounds so intense and crazy, but the thing is the real story was all the in between are the most amazing and incredible. Her parents are these punk rock bad asses who she is in the car with…and it’s kind of a really fun, offbeat family in the middle of this tragedy.

Catherine is supposedly doing Hamlet with EmileHirsch. Is your project going before that or is Hamlet going?

Shauna: She is attached to a lot of things. It sort of depends on which lands first. I don’t know where Hamlet is at right now.

If you’re going to out to cast that means…

Shauna: You don’t really know how…and it’s also how the financing…so we’re hustling and we’ll see. There is also the Red Riding Hood project at Warner Bros.  I know Hamlet means a lot to her.

The article went on to explain why directors like Hardwicke attach themselves to so many projects. Attaching to direct is not the same as having a project greenlit and financed. But if casting is due to happen—and you know I’ll keep you all in the loop if I’m in the loop—then maybe things are moving forward? I’m still not convinced. I remain cautiously optimistic. Or optimistically pessimistic. It’s still out of my control. The book I’m supposed to be working on right now? Totally in my control. Better get on that. Back to work!

  1. me too!

    i note that the real-life derby girls seem to have gone from snide about Whip It to excited and optimistic once the 2nd trailer hit. so that bodes well, too.

    sounds like cross really gets and is really into mia’s parents, yay!

  2. YES!!

    1.) whip it looks awesome.
    2.) lovely bones-esque? love it!
    3.) so happy :)

  3. OMG. I am so freakin excited for the If I stay movie. I fell in love with the book and read it in like a day. :)

  4. Took your eight year old niece to Whip It and we both liked it. Female empowerment and cute chicks fighting: what’s not to like?

    …of course taking the eight year old to a 12:01 a.m. outdoor screening of “Where the Wild Things Are” was ever more stunning.

  5. I have been following your blog for the past few weeks, having come across your website at work (I’m a children’s book buyer), and I must say, I think you’re a fabulous combination of wit and grit. I cannot wait to catch up on all of your books that I’ve missed out on reading. Keep doing your thing – you rock!

    PS – When (not if) “your” movie comes out, I will certainly be at one of the very first showings.

  6. I am very excited that If I stay is going to be made into a movie! The book was wonderful and very touching.

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