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November 2nd, 2009

So, just a minute ago, I was googling myself to try to figure out why people are emailing me entries to an If I Stay giveaway contest that I’m not holding—clearly someone else is, but why are they sending people to my email address?—when I came across this, the Publishers Weekly Best Children’s Books of 2009!
Not only am I beyond thrilled to have If I Stay included, but, oh the company. It includes two of my favorite books of the year. This one:

And this one:

And also books I’m dying to read like Purple Heart by Patty McCormick and Going Bovine by Libba Bray.

Also, two of my fave picture books of the year. The Curious Garden by Peter Brown and Otis, the most heartwarming tractor story you’ll ever read, by Loren Long.

So, I’m excited to be on this distinguished list, but even more excited to be in such good company.

Breaking News and Update:
It’s quite a day for lists. I also made the Amazon’s Top 10 List of best teen books of 2009! (And Calpurnia and When You Reach Me both were selected for middle-grade books! Yay!) It’s quite a different list from the PW one. And the mystery was this. The contest was one that Penguin was running for librarians and bookclubs, I believe, and my email address was mistakenly given out.

  1. Congratulations! If your book wasn’t on that list I would have been sorely disappointed. Yours is my favorite book of 2009!

  2. Did you find who was holding the contest? lol. Mystery person.

  3. Yay congrats! You totally deserve to be on that list!!!

  4. I agree with Cassandra. Best book of 2009! And in the most non-suck-upy way, I’ll tell you again – it’s my fave book ever :)

  5. I was just about to email you to congratulate you!! You’re also on the best of 2009 top 10 teen list!

  6. Congratulations! I’ve heard so many great things about “If I Stay.” I’m on a very long waiting list for it at my library. =)

  7. COngrats Gayle, very well deserved. I expect to hear of more awards in the future :)

  8. Andrea,

    I was literally hand-selling the book last summer while working at Barnes & Noble. Get off that waiting list and buy yourself a copy! You won’t regret it!

  9. Wow, and wow! But of course I’m not surprised.

  10. Wow! Congrats! I’ve been wanting to read Calpurnia Tate, hadn’t heard of the others.

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