defying my inner librarian

November 9th, 2009

When Lauren, the super fabulous blogger behind Shooting Stars Magazine, first asked me to participate in Leave A Mark, I sort of cringed. It’s all very cool and noble except for one thing. The idea of Leave A Mark, which was started by Lauren and Chelsea from The Page Flipper, is, in Lauren’s words:

To have authors mark up their own books or other notable people mark up a favorite book. Mark up means: give the reader’s either a behind-the-scenes look of the book through notes in the margins or post-it noes or show the reader what you thought of the book as you read it.

So far, all the money has gone to First Book a charity that gives books to children who are less fortunate. We raised over $800 last year and this is our second time doing Leave a Mark. More details as well as whose book is up for auction can be found here.

I agreed to participate and donate a copy of If I Stay. But mark it up? With ink? That kind of a sacrilege in my household. I am, after all, married to a librarian. I didn’t used to have such good biblio-keeping habits. I used to routinely dog-ear my pages (gasp) or lay books out wherever I was (I still do that when I fall asleep while reading but Nick puts a bookmark in the book and closes it for me; so romantic). So scribbling in a book, well, it meant going against my hard-taught habits. Lauren said I could just mark up a book with Post-its but that seemed like homework.

So, I went all punk rock on myself and my punk-rock librarian and his rules and have marked up a copy of If I Stay with all sorts of insidery details about writing it, where certain ideas came from, certain songs, etc. So, if you want to see me be a rulebreaker and get a signed copy of the book all scribbled with notes, and raise money for a great cause, go here and bid on the book!

(Just don’t tell Nick I wrote in a book, okay?)

  1. Eek! Just keep telling yourself it’s for a good cause.

  2. OMG how did I not know about this, I’m sooooo going to bid! And I love marking books up, reminds me of college, but I like clean books too (I’m also a librarian)-you just need two copies of everything:-)

  3. I’m sorry it was such inner stress for you but way to be punk rock and help us out. I really appreciate it!! And the auction is ALREADY doing well. I knew it would, it’s a fab novel.

  4. Oooh tut tut. Naughty girl.

    I am sure it will raise great proceeds!

  5. OK, OK, Miss Gayle..Now stop advertising this so I win the auction without shelling out any more cash!

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