so many crazies with short, short memories

November 19th, 2009

No publishing news today. Just political rants. But can I say t-minus one day until New Moon???

Okay, so I hate to give Ann Coulter any extra ink because I’m pretty much convinced that her insanely provocative columns are all just for show. That deep down she’s apolitical and über-ambitious and has figured out that if you’re a skinny blonde who screams Conservative, you can get pretty rich.

But the latest column, or more to the point, the 500 plus mostly positive comments, gives me pause.

Coulter, responding to the Ft. Hood shooting, in which Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly went psycho and shot 13 people, says that this shooting is proof that “diversity has jumped the shark.” The idea being that getting along with people who are different from you is tough and a bad idea and at the root of all human conflict.

But she stops there. She leaves the idea hanging. But if diversity has jumped the shark, and is bad, the next logical step is to…what? Undo diversity?  Coulter knows what she’s doing. Getting attention (and look at me, playing into her hands). But all those dodo heads who applaud her,  I know half of them are still freaking out by having a brown family in the White House, but exactly what do they want to do with our diverse country now? Our wonderfully, fabulous, amazingly diverse country? Personally, I’m of the opinion that if you make those pesky guns harder to get, things like this may not happen. A lot easier to regulate guns than diversity.

But when crazy ass idiots with short memories make statements like this, they know what they’re suggesting, even if they’re too chicken to suggest it. Because if diversity has jumped the shark, aren’t you saying it should be undone? And how, exactly do you do that? Well, there is a historical model if you look back just 70 years, a regime that managed to wipe out six million diverse people in the name of racial purity.

It ultimately failed, thanks in large part to the most powerful, diverse country on the planet. That would be us.

  1. It reads like a tantrum that some other whacked, right-wing, non-office-holding hottie is getting all the attention

  2. Somebody might hate me for this (perhaps I should have posted anonymously) but I think if we’re going to point the finger, it should be at religion. Not racial diversity.

    I do not have a problem with religion as a whole. I think if you want to believe in strict rules about G-d and how He wants you to live, go for it. That takes discipline. But at the same time, there needs to be some way to coexist with people who have different beliefs than you.

    Particularly in America, (aren’t we the most diverse country on the planet?)people are offended if you tell them “God bless you” or “Merry Christmas” or on the flip side, they’re offended if you say “Happy Holidays” this time of year instead of recognizing their religious beliefs. You can’t win.

    I’ve read elsewhere, a woman saying she refuses to shop at GAP stores because the employees are “not allowed to say Merry Christmas”. On one hand, I get what she’s saying. If said employee of GAP wants to wish a shopper a Merry Christmas, he/she should be permitted, and said shopper should be appreciative of the meaning behind the good wishes, whether they celebrate or not. But on the other hand, “Happy Holidays” is a way to include all manner of religious/spiritual/holiday celebrations. As a diverse society, we should want to accommodate one another. But we don’t. (Yay! Socialism! kidding.)We need to say to hell with this whole idea of “tolerance” and teach acceptance.

    Stop being so damn defensive, people!

  3. Gayle, my adoration of you knows no bounds.

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