rumors and zen

December 19th, 2009

So, some rumors have been flying about the If I Stay movie. I wasn’t going to bother commenting on them because that just spreads more rumors, but now that it’s all officially out there in the Media and the Blogosphere so, I’m weighing in.

The rumors are twofold.

One is that Dakota Fanning is going to play Mia. I have no confirmation of this being true. I get my information same as you all, from the Interwebs. But I think she’d be amazing. What has she done that she hasn’t been great in? She’s a chameleon. She popped off the screen as Jane in New Moon and have you seen the trailer for The Runaways? She’s unrecognizable as Cherie Currie. And OMG, Kristen Stewart is seriously channeling Joan Jett.

The other rumor is that Catherine Hardwicke won’t be directing If I Stay in order to do the Leonardo DiCaprio-produced modern-day telling of Little Red Riding Hood. She has like four projects in the hopper, and last week the L.A. Times reported that she’s off Stay. I was sad when I heard this. You all know how perfect I think she’d be for this movie. But after a few days, I got over it. It’s out of my control and books and movies take on a life of all their own. Anyhow, turns out, everything is still up in the air, like it always was. In Entertainment Weekly, Catherine Hardwicke herself basically says she’s working on a bunch of projects at once, waiting for which one gets greenlit.

I don’t know what’s what. Hollywood rivals Washington DC in rumors and machinations—and in my control over outcomes. I have as much control over the If I Stay movie as I do over  the healthcare package passing the Senate. I can only sit back here and keep my fingers crossed. Actually, that’s a false analogy, because I have a lot of faith in Summit Entertainment, the studio producing If I Stay (and the Twilight movies and the Oscar buzzy The Hurt Locker). I wish I could say the same for the U.S. Senate. And Summit seems very dedicated to getting this film made, which is another good sign. In the EW article, Catherine says:

Before Twilight was greenlit, I had four projects at four studios. I worked super-hard on all of them, but Twilight was greenlit first.”

Will history repeat itself? Who the hell knows! The point is, it ain’t up to me. So, I am in the same boat as the rest of you. Waiting. Wondering. And trying to keep my Zen on.

(p.s. If healthcare doesn’t pass, I will have a very hard time staying Zen, though. If healthcare doesn’t pass, I might lose faith in democracy, which is a lot more serious than losing faith in Hollywood.)

  1. Dakota Fanning as Mia…hmmmm I never would have imagined her but I could see her doing a kick ass job. As for the Catherine Hardwicke rumor…well…I know you love her but I wouldn’t mind seeing someone else take on the project-her extreme close ups in Twilight make me uncomfortable–either way though I have total faith that your story will be told in this medium and it’s going to be amazing bc If I Stay is one of the most powerful and beautifully written stories ever (its the book I WISHED I had written) and that beauty will translate itself onto the screen no matter what happens.

  2. I would definetely have prefered someone unknown to play Mia, you know? Just for a little change. Well I guess it is just a rumor yet. I am still sure it is going to be an awesome movie, well, as the book is.

  3. Well, personally, I would prefer to play Mia, so… Haha. God, I just hope it’s green lit soon so they can get started and we can all go see it. And I agree, as much as I like Dakota Fanning, it would be great to have both Mia and Adam as unkowns. I still think Cameron Diaz and Bradley Cooper for the parents though! And if you’ve seen Away We Go, my friend Jerri thought the two who play John Krazinski’s parents for the grandparents.

  4. Personally, I just want however plays that role to do a seriously amazing job because the book was flippin awsome and almost made me cry so if the movie isn’t awsome I am gonna be real disappointed

  5. Just picked up “If I Stay” with a gift card I got for Christmas. Read it in a day.

    So, so beautiful. The family, the personalities, the music, the heartbreak … thank you. What a gorgeous story.

  6. I found out about If I Stay when I heard Catherine Hardwicke was going to direct. I hope she ends up dong it but regardless, the book is fantastic. I just finished reading it. I’m a guy, 50, with no kids and I’ll tell you I enjoyed If I Stay as much as any book I have ever read. (Except for the last twenty pages which were all blurry.)
    Thank you Gayle Forman.

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