eve’s fan garden chat

February 27th, 2010

A little ditty, to sing to the tune of “Let it Snow.”And yes, at times like this, I wish I were Maggie Stievater because then I’d record myself singing the thing and post that. But I’m not. She is her own fabulous self.

The weather outside is misery.

The Olympics are now history.

The Oscars are a week away.

So, as long as we’ve no place to be.

Come to Eve’s, come to Eve’s. Come to Eve’s. (That’s Eve’s Fan Garden).

On Sunday night at nine.

I promise to be on time (eastern time)

I will do a live chat

And talk about this and that (writing, characters, sequels, the endless winter…)

So, get in your comfy slippers

And put away your TV clicker

Log on to Eve’s Fan Garden

And let the fun get started.

  1. And I actually did sing this in my head as I read.

  2. I would to be there for the chat but it was too late for me.
    for the weather, I don’t know if you heard it but in France it was horrible, a lot of winds and rain.

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