i’m practically on glee!

May 25th, 2010

I don’t know what I’m more excited about. This full-page ad in this week’s Entertainment Weekly:

Or the fact that this is the cover of said issue of Entertainment Weekly:

It’s not that I’m a huge Glee fan. I will be a huge Glee fan eventually, when I watch the whole season on DVD (I can’t commit to a season of network). But I am a HUGE, HUGE fan of Jane Lynch, from the Christopher Guest movies (oh, the wonderfully controlling lesbian dog trainer in Best in Show) to her fantastic role in Judd Apatow’s  The 40-Year-Old Virgin (the Spanish seduction song) to her amazing hilarity in Starz’s very funny show Party Down. I saw her a few months ago at an East Village Cafe with my East Village bff—I never see, or maybe  I just never recognize, famous people—and I was so excited that I wanted to express my admiration to her but my bff admonished me: “We don’t do that. We’re New Yorkers!” So I kvelled from a distance.

Anyhow, now I can kvell from the pages of the same magazine. I’m very excited about the ad, and about the ad’s proximity to La Lynch!

That’s all.

  1. LOL very cool! And I like you, also plan to be a fan of Glee when I can actually sit down and really watch the whole season:-)

  2. I got excited when I saw that my favorite book was in there, plus I <3 Glee!

  3. How can one not love Glee? It’s made Broadway show tunes safe for middle-aged married dads!

  4. And now all your friends are just two degrees of separation from practically being on Glee!

  5. glee is really great…watching the full season is prob a good idea because it was tough to get into, but the characters are so hysterically imperfect, i’m sure you will love it. but jane lynch is the best…and so is that ad :)

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