what happened to gayle’s blog?

July 8th, 2010

Wow, June and early July have been some sad, sad months for posts. Paltry.

But kids out of school. No camp until next week. Me=full-time Mom until then. Camp Mom with daily trips. Beach! Pool! Ice Skating! I feel like Julie McCoy Cruise Director for the under-six set (a cultural reference that is lost on most of you, I’m sure. Go look up The Love Boat). And the older child Does Not Nap, so there’s no time to dash off a post during afternoon siesta.

I suppose I could write a post after the small people go to sleep, but my brain is jelly by then. And I need to see my husband. And watch Weeds on Netflix.

I promise, regularly scheduled programming will return next week. Which is more than you can say for network TV!

  1. Ack! Don’t you find Weeds nearly as stressful as child-rearing?

  2. Nah. It’s cruddy and escapist and Mary Louise’s problems make mine look like nuthin’.

  3. I love Weeds !!! it’s great to relax ! it’s so funny !

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