giveaway time

January 3rd, 2011

New year, new book. (Which is funny. Last year’s holiday card read “New Year, New Kid!)

In honor of it being 2011 and the year of WHERE SHE WENT’s release, I’m giving away a signed ARC of WHERE SHE WENT along with a signed copy of IF I STAY (paperback, so you can see how pretty they look together).


All you have to do is comment on this post with something you are grateful for or hopeful for in this new year—and seriously people, if you are grateful for Glee, then let your Gleek flag fly. I will not hold that against you. My gratitude for TV shows, including the fact that I can soon watch Friday Night Lights—yay—though it’s the final season—wah—knows no bounds.

Contest will run till the end of the week. I will randomly pick a winner. Open to people living ANYWHERE.

UPDATE: WE have a winner. Thank you all for participating, for sharing your gratitude and hope. I’ll do another giveaway closer to pub time with a finished hardcover. In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted on other giveaways. xx

  1. What a great contest–I’m looking forward to Where She Went. This year I’m grateful for a husband who gets me.

  2. I am grateful for having my friends and family around me supporting me in every step I make…I know it sounds cliche but it’s the truth…they are the most wonderful people I could ever imagine standing next to me…

    thank you so much for making this an international giveaway(I live in Greece so I am always happy when the contests are international)

  3. I am greatfull for great books. I am going trough a big depression period and books are helping me more then anything else.

    Thanks for writing.

  4. This year, I’m grateful for Medical Stuff. At exactly 12:03, my Papa took a stroke and since he suffers from some many illnesses, you probably would of died without surgery. So I’m grateful to all doctors, nurses and everyone who helps to save lifes, because without them I don’t know where my Papa would be.

  5. Great contest! I am grateful for the life and blessings that I have. I think sometimes I don’t deserve everything I have. But I cherish every moment that I get. I have been given so much, my family, my son, my job, house ,car, etc. I don’t ever take advantage of what I have because I know it can be taken away. I just live and love as much as I can.

  6. I am grateful for all the wonderful books that are coming out this year, that my son is healthy and I’ll be so, so, sooo grateful if I pass my blood test next week for Diabetes. See, no tv programmer in my grateful list – I’d rather read a book!

  7. I’m grateful for all the blessings I received, and hopeful that 2011 will be even better. Cliche, I know, but it really is true. I feel pretty darn lucky :)

  8. Read if I stay, want to read where she went. Wishful it was my daughter but she decided to go with the others this year. So now I am so grateful for my 3 sons which i just eat up everything they say or do now, even though they are all grown. Grateful for life and family and second chances shall they arise.

  9. I have a mental illness-bipolar disorder and I’m grateful for ever day that I wake up and can get out of bed. That I can take a shower and do at least one productive thing. That I’m not in the black abyss of depression. I’m grateful for my supportive husband who pulls me out every time. And my children that understand why mommy is still in her pajamas when they get home some days. I am very lucky for the days I feel well and my family!

  10. I am grateful for a wonderful family who loves each other and actually wants to spend time together!

  11. I am way psyched for Where She Went!! Eeek!
    I’m grateful for the way that 2010 seemed to suck for me, because I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I thought, and I’d like to think I became a better person for it :)

  12. I’m grateful to have such wonderful friends who are always here when I need to talk.

  13. I’m grateful that I have a job, which allows me to surround myself with amazing books, and I am grateful for my puppy, who is my best friend and forces me to look up from my books every once in a while. And I would be very grateful for a copy of Where She Went….

  14. I’m grateful for my mother and sister who still bear me even if I’m not easy to live with. I’m grateful for having my best friend at my side. I am grateful for my friends to make me laugh and smile. I am grateful for my little piece of darling (aka the girl i consider as my daughter) just to exist. I am grateful for Fringe, The Mentalist and How I Met Your Mother which make smile, laugh, scream and just make me live In some other world for a moment.
    And I’m most grateful to books which are the best company one can have as i can’t get enough of them and make me smile and dream at all times.

  15. For 2011, I am grateful for my life, the good and the bad, since each event makes us grow and every smile makes us stronger.

  16. My final exams for school will be over! Yay!

  17. I’m grateful for having a chance to spend the holiday with my family, as I’m mostly staying abroad, studying at the university in a different country than I originally come from.
    And I’m also grateful for If I Stay beying translated into my language – Slovak – so I had a chance to introduce your amazing book to my non-English speaking/reading friends. They loved it, btw :)
    Thank you very much for this giveaway.

  18. I thankful that I have a great family whom support me in every decision I make, and I’m also hopeful that this year will be a great one!

  19. I read if I stay. It made me realize how important family truly is! I live in a broken home and things got pretty tough. But if I stay made me notice things maybe tough but never give up on anything you never know when something will change! I really have truly fallen in love with if I stay and I truly hope to read where she went soon! Thank you Gayle Forman for such an amazing book!

  20. I’m hopeful because I’m getting married next month and this year will bring so many changes in my life. I’m 23 and we aren’t living together yet… we decided to do it old-fashioned style. We’re greatful for being together, to have found each other in this crazy times.
    I clarify that I’m from Argentina and I don’t know if the ANYWHERE part included the south part of the world too ;)

  21. I am grateful for my children..especially today since they brought me breakfast in bed:) and especially for the card they wrote proclaiming that I know everything and give good advice…I am framing that for the soon to be coming teenage years.

  22. I am looking forward to our state of the art, environmentally friendly library that will be opening in the spring. Working at the library really is the best job in the world!

  23. At this exact moment, I am thankful for caffeine. :) Happy New Year!

  24. I’m grateful for my sisters! They’ll be the people I share my failures and triumphs with this year.

  25. Loved If I stay.
    Im grateful for my family and for all the ups and downs on this rollercoaster called life

  26. I’m grateful for humor, whether it’s mine or my friends or the television. I’m grateful for anything that makes me laugh.

    Can’t wait for WHERE SHE WENT to hit shelves. I’ve been so anxious ever since I read the blurb!

  27. I recently had a fairly bad car accident which has put me out of work. I have moved back in with my parents and lost a fair bit of independence your book if I stay helped me threw the hardest times of the whole car accident. Made me notice that it could have been far worse. Not only am I thankful I received your book as a get well gift. I’m truly grateful that I have been given another chance With new open eyes and restored faith in the term life, family and love. I’m excited to start 2011 with a fresh new outlook! With help from both your book as well as friends and family.

  28. I’m grateful for my family, especially my nieces and nephew!

  29. I’m very grateful for my family- Husband who loves me shares 50% of the house work! 2 beautiful daughters (4yrs and 18 mo old). I’m also extreamly thankful that both my husband I still have our jobs since some many have lost theirs.

    Thank you for this giveaway!!

  30. I am grateful for getting to spend the start of a new year with my grandfather. He’s 92 years old and still as full of life and spunk as I remember him being when I was born. He’s an amazing man and it gives me hope that old age doesn’t have to be a dark and scary time, instead I hope to still be living life to the fullest when I’m his age!

  31. OMG, this giveaway makes me scream like a little girl :) Thanks for offering a copy of “Where she want”.

    I’m grateful that my life is just as I like it and that it’s filled with things that I enjoy.

  32. This contest is fabulous as I didn’t realise I had so much to be grateful for. I may not always like my job but I’m grateful to have one, the flat isn’t great but I’m grateful for a roof over my head and my relationship isn’t perfect but I’m grateful that someone loves me.

    On a lighter note, I’m grateful to be able to read and review tons of great books :)

  33. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    I’m grateful for the people in my life, family and friends who’ve become family. And I’m hopeful that I will read some awesome books in 2011!


  34. Yeah! I’m looking forward to the movie Water for Elephants. It’s one of my favorite books.

  35. I’m grateful for seeing the funny side of things. :) Oh, and for discovering Book Depository and Better World Books. Both ship books for free worldwide! Holla!! :D

    Can’t wait to read Where She Went!!!
    Thanks for this giveaway!


  36. I’m grateful for books. I know a couple of people also mentioned they’re grateful for books. Not only am I a readaholic but I am also a librarian so without books I wouldn’t have a job. ;)

  37. I’m grateful for my family, for my writing, for the books that inspire me, for blogs like this, and everything else in my life.

  38. I’m grateful for my Family, my friends and books. They are all my source of Inspiration.

    I wish you a happy new year 2011, full of joy & writing inspiration ! Thanks for the giveaway, the year begin with good omens ! I can’t wait to read your next novel <3



  39. I’m really thankful that my school district (I’m a teacher) provides vouchers to help cover the cost of college tuition for grad school classes. Because of this, I’m able to start classes toward my Masters degree in Library Media. Without the vouchers, I don’t think it would be feasible.

    Happy New Year!

  40. This year I’m grateful for all the amazing books scheduled for release. I’m hopefully going to start a family. :o) (Still trying to get hubby on board for that one) I absolutely loved If I Stay and cannot wait to read Where She Went! Thanks for the chance to win!

  41. I’m thankful for the people that enrich the lives of those around me, myself included. With friends and family like I have I feel that 2011 is going to be the most blessed year possible. By having the support of the people that I have I get to do what I want which is to go to school and become an English teacher. Thank the Lord for people who love you!

  42. I am grateful for being alive, knowing love, and having the chance to go to Nottingham in September for my english studies. But I am mostly grateful for the simple and amazing moments I get to share with my boyfriend and my mom. It’s now or never.

    P.-S. Friday Night Lights is an awesome series, but these days I’m more in the mood for The Big Bang Theory. It takes my mind off things. So I won’t be discussing neither about Glee neither about FNL, sorry Gayle!

  43. I am grateful for moments of pure happiness, for my family, friends, and job.

    On the TV front, I am grateful for How I Met Your Mother, which never fails to make me smile.

  44. I am grateful for a husband that supports me even if my ideas are a bit crazy at times. (And usually don’t work the way I had planned.)

    I don’t watch much TV, but Big Bang Theory always makes me laugh.

  45. I’m grateful for my family, friends and my special someone.

    On the TV front… oooh… tough one. Will come back to you on that one.


  46. I am grateful for my family and friends. For always being there and understanding everything that goes on in my life. Also grateful for all the great books that authors can write. They are amazing an so much fun to read a characters normal life and how they live.

  47. I am grateful for so many things this year. I’m grateful to be continuing on my journey of change including a new job, a new relationship, and weight loss. But more than that, I’m grateful to have a few more months with my grandfather, who is in the final stages of Alzheimer’s and will be gone soon.

  48. Well, I am grateful for Glee, and Grey’s Anatomy which has been my show for all seven years. Much more than that, I’m grateful for the writing community I’m becoming a part of this year, and which I hope to become more active in over the coming year.

  49. I have so much to be grateful for this year…on this day last year I was a recent library school grad with nothing but umemployment to look forward to (hardly worth celebrating my MLIS withuot a job!). This year, I’m grateful to find myself happily employed at the branch I most wanted to work in, as a YA librarian–my most coveted position.

    While everyone’s health could certainly be better, I’m also grateful that the same family I loved in 2010 has joined me in 2011.

    And last but not least, I’m certainly grateful for all the wonderful authors who work so tirelessly to bring their creations to us readers!

  50. I’m grateful that my family stayed healthy and alive for the year 2010. Last 2009, both my dad and grandma passed away. Their deaths were sudden and so unexpected, it made me realize to value the life you have and share it to the people around you.
    I hope for this year that me and my family will still stay healthy and happy. I ask nothing more from Him.

  51. This is going to be one exciting year – I’m getting married in the fall, I’m starting a new library job soon, the community radio station that i work with is going live this month, and I get to see my sister and her family (including my cute baby nephew) at least three times this year which is sadly a lot considering we live on opposite coasts. Life is very good.

  52. I’m grateful for awesome giveaways like this one! And for Zombies and Vampires (I swear I will never tire of them) and for any books, movies or T.V. show related to Dance, and for Glee. Oh, and for chocolate covered anything, my fictional boyfriends, and my dog.

    And, of course my family & friends, and my home, and my internet buddies.

  53. I MA SO FRICKIN’ EXCITED FOR WHERE SHE WENT!! *hyperventilates*


    I’m incredibly grateful for The Vampire Diaries (gotta love that Damon Salvatore!), Twitter (I am NOT addicted! OK, maybe a little bit!) and especially grateful to all the lovely people who have supported me in my first year of book blogging, you all rock!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! x

  54. I’m grateful to all my friends who supported me to realize my dreams. They were there everyday. I made amazing meeting with actors, authors,… Hope 2011 will be as wonderful as 2010 was :)

  55. One of the things I’m excited for is to read Where She Went this year! Yay!

    On the tv front, I share your FNL love (and Glee!)

    I’m grateful for my family & friends and our health. Also for all the awesome books that are coming out this year!

    Happy new year & thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Ooh, chance to win WHERE SHE WENT? That’s enough to make me feel grateful right there!

    Seriously, now. . .I’m grateful for more time, more chances to make things right/better, more opportunities to have ideas and just write them out. That’s what I’m most grateful for as I go into this new year. :)

  57. Thanks very much for hosting this giveaway. I just loved If I Stay when I read it last year, so I’m pretty excited about checking out Where She Went.

    I’m thankful for so many things that it is a little hard to narrow it down, but since it’s art of the contest, I’ll give you some of the highlights.

    I’m thankful for the delicious and soothing tea my sister gave me for Christmas. It’s called TranquiliTEA, which makes it as cleverly-named as it is delicious to drink. I’m thankful that in less than 30 days, I’ll be in the sunny climate of Costa Rica for an entire month with my boyfriend. And of course, I’m thankful for all the great books that I’ll get to read and review in 2011.

    Happy New Year, and congratulations on the publication of Where She Went!

  58. I’m grateful for my beautiful family because no matter what the day or circumstance, they always bring me joy with their smiles and deep, unconditional love.
    And books. How can I not be thankful for books? :)

  59. i am grateful for snowy, slippery sidewalks because it makes walking to work more of a workout. i am grateful for tough criticism on my current WIP because it forces me to write better. i am grateful for 6 inches of snow because it’s just enough to let the sleds fly. i am grateful for a lack of personal space over the holidays because it meant i was never lonely.

    congrats on it being WHERE SHE WENT’s year of release!

  60. I am grateful for the extra week of vacation I get this year!! And that Raising Hope will be back with new episodes soon – Hooray!
    Thanks for the opportunity to win the ARC. If I Stay was one of the best books I read the year it came out (I am a bookseller and I read between 100-150 books a year).

  61. Awesome contest!

    I’m thankful for the awesomeness this new year will bring. New kid later this year, hopefully a restart to a few of my hobbies, sewing, crochet and writing and last but not least, I am very thankful for Netflix and online streaming of some of the best TV shows ever–Bones, Doctor Who, Heroes and Psych for which I would go crazy without.

  62. Well, aside all the stuff I’m selfishly grateful for, I have to say that I’m grateful my aunt Maggie is bouncing back from her head-stroke, which she had 3 years ago. She talks now and recognizes us all, and even though she’s not as she used to be, I still have some of her back. Plus, she tells me I’m pretty all the time *g*

    Happy new year!!

  63. Great contest, Gayle!!!

    I’m grateful for surprises. How I surprise myself. How others surprise me (in a good way). How life just happens to make sense even when I think it doesn’t. I hope 2011 brings tons of good surprises my way :D


  64. I am grateful for my mom who has always been there for me. She has helped me through my depression and is now helping me cope with agoraphobia. I’m thankful for books in general which continue being an escape I need at times. And of course, my Gleek flag is flying high and proud. Can’t wait for Where She Went!

  65. I am so with you on being grateful that we can finally see Friday Night Lights- woo hoo! I am also grateful for the health of my family this past year and I hope it stays that way. I am hoping for an agent in the new year. We shall see :)

    Great Contest BTW!

  66. I am grateful for everything. No seriously I am. Having a job, having am awesome partner, two dogs, a critic group. Everyone in my life who makes it this awesome. If it makes me smile, I am grateful for it, if it challenges me then I grow. Family and friends though top my list.

  67. I am grateful for my husband, chocolate, and the fact that spring is just a few months away.

    So excited for “Where She Went!”

  68. Friday Night Lights, FTW! :) I’m grateful that I finally manage to nab an agent right at the very end of 2010. I’m hopeful that we’ll work on some lovely revisions together and that my novel will soon go on submission. Thanks for the contest! :)

  69. I am grateful for all the great books that I will read during all this new year !

  70. Thanks for the awesome giveaway :D I’m grateful for my family and friends, and I hope that 2011 will be a great year :)

  71. I’m grateful for graduating college, good books, good tv, and good friends! :) 2011 is going to be amazing

  72. I’m grateful for my healthy family. I’m grateful for my job, though I gripe about it constantly! I’m grateful for a husband who puts up with my reading obsession. I’m grateful for authors who work hard to put great literature out there for the readers!

  73. I’m totally grateful that I got a job interview and hopeful that I’ll get the job and then some money. I’ve heard you can actually BUY STUFF that way! #yayformoney

  74. Great contest! I’m grateful for all of the wonderful people I met in 2010, and that I get to experience 2011 with them.

    I’m also grateful for Friday Night Lights :)

  75. I’m grateful for the really awesome publishing internship I got and the fact that I’ll be graduating from college in May. Also, I’m always grateful for my family, but this year I’m even more grateful because they’re just so AWESOMESAUCE.

  76. Grateful for a husband who’s also my best friend and personal comedian, as well as my family, job and lovely lovely books.

  77. GREAT contest!! I am grateful for my family and friends, my puppies and kitty-cat, every single shiny new idea that pops into my head and I am especially grateful for my new ereader! :)

  78. I’m grateful for good books and awesome writers that inspire me to be a better person.

  79. I’m grateful for my friends, who are always there for me and helped me so much last year; and looking forward to season six of Doctor Who, ’cause I miss the eleventh Doctor so much!

  80. I’m waiting for Where She Went :)

    I’m grateful for my life. I’m grateful for my parents and my family, for the opportunity I have be in the univerisity, for the health and for all the extra things that I had during this year :)

    And I’m hopeful that this year be so much better

  81. I am grateful for my loving family, my hilarious friends, and the wonder of books.

  82. I am grateful for the VA and their training on treating returning veterans (including my husband) for PTSD. I am also grateful for wonderful books that allow me to escape to another world for a little while.

  83. I am grateful that it only took a three month separation to remind my husband and I how lucky we are to be in each other’s lives.

  84. I’m definitely thankful for glee- it added new songs to my shower repertoire! :)

  85. I’m grateful for the youtube community and my new camera (it’s seriously amazing). And I’m also grateful for Criminal Minds, because my christmas would have been boring without seasons’ one and two.

  86. Ooo, I am grateful for this contest, because I keep hearing awesome things about your books and would love to read them. (That said, even if I don’t win, I am sure I will pick them up at some point this year.)

    I am also grateful for my warm snuggly puppy, my MacBook, and pretty fonts. (Among other more important things, like family and friends, of course.)

  87. I’m grateful for the Harry Potter fandom! I am so much happier with it in my life. And I’m really really thankful for the Harry Potter Alliance and all of the awesome they do in the world.

  88. This is going to sound sappy, but what I’m most grateful for is having my boyfriend, Rob, in my life. We’ve been dating for a year today (it’s our anniversary!) and I couldn’t be happier. He just went back to school and he’s making some big life altering decisions, but he remains true to me and constantly there when I need him.

    About a year and a half ago I moved away from all my friends and family for a job. For 6 months I lived in this new place where I knew no one and didn’t really have friends. Then Rob came along. He’s been my rock since that moment. I know I could survive without him, but that is something I would never want to do.

    I am grateful to have him in my life and I’m excited to see where our life together leads in this next year.

  89. YAYAYA I am grateful for so many things!!! But this comment goes to all those wonderful authors that writte and make out lives full of hope and making us keep going even thought the stories might not be real. Thank you for amazing authors, thank you for amazing bloggers, and thank you to the internet for letting us connect to each other!!!

  90. I’m grateful for my family, most especially my mom, who is (in my humble opinion) the BEST.MOM.EVER. I’m also very grateful for my job, which I quite enjoy, because I know I’m lucky to have a job in this economic climate and because it provides me with the necessary $$$ to buy more books than any one person should probably buy. (It’s an addiction.)

  91. I’m really grateful for my health. I’ve had some health problems this past year, but I know there’s lots of people who have it worse than I do.

  92. I’m grateful for the awesome fifth series of Doctor Who we got in 2010 and in 2011 I will be graduating high school and (this is where the hopeful part comes in) go on and study at a university.

  93. I am grateful for my husband and kids. I am grateful that my 3yr old looked out at the horses at my friends farm on new years and said look dogs. I am grateful for getting through school and being able to be home with my kids. And i am grateful for time flying and that where she went is getting closer. I loved If I stay it’s my fav book I’m read it so many times and still love it. I was so excited about where she whent that I sqeeeeeed so loud my thoat hurt :) So blessings and happyness on you all this new year :)

  94. I am grateful for the people around me. For being patient and understanding when I wasn’t the easiest person to be around. I am thankful for sticking with my guns and surrounding myself with those who I believe are genuine and true. Thankful for my best friend who keeps me smiling and happy. My biggest thanks goes to my blog, followers, music and books who without life jut wouldn’t be the same.

    I adored If I stay, I emailed you once regarding seeing it on the shelf with the quote something along the lines “read it and weep” which really touched me, Where she went will be just as amazing I am sure. thank you for holding this give-away Gale :)

  95. This year I`m grateful for having such a strong mom. 2010 was the hardest year of my life and it was much worse for my mom. We went through loss and heartache and so much guilt. I`m grateful of the family i have left, my mom and older brother. I hope i never experience a year like 2010 again.

  96. I am very grateful for my mom, and everything she has done for us this year, even though she’s had a spot of trouble. I probably don’t tell her this enough, but I’m grateful and proud of her for sticking in there, and not giving up on me.
    I am hopeful when it comes to my IB exams in May. I will have to study extremely hard this spring term, but I think I can make it.

  97. What a great contest!

    I am grateful for my wonderful family and my ability to live happily within my means.

    I am hopeful to have a fantastic year full of lots of reading since I’m graduating college in May and will finally have more time to read leisurely!

  98. I am most grateful for my family but I am also grateful for my iPad! I’ve read 15 books in it since I got in in July. I read maybe 2 books in 2009. I love reading on it!

  99. I am so grateful for a wonderful husband who understands me and does everything he can to support and encourage my dreams. Seriously, I am spoiled.

    This year, I am looking forward to the birth of our first kid in just a couple weeks. :)

  100. I am grateful to be doing a job that I love-teaching HS English @ a Continuation High School. Each and every day I am grateful for my fabulous students who show up, participate, and start to realize that they have a place in the world.

  101. I am grateful for my family and the fact that I have a job this January. Last January, neither my husband nor I were employed. Now we both have jobs and mine has benefits. A plus with three growing kids!

  102. I’m very hopeful for my one New Years Resolution: finishing my first book. I’m in love with the idea, and it’s time to finally write it.

  103. Great giveaway! I’m grateful for my husband getting to be a brand new resident of the United States & are move to Austin in the coming months. And my cute beagle. And Coach Taylor.

  104. If I Stay was such a powerful book. I can’t wait for another :)
    This year I’m thankful for the best friends I’ve ever had. I’m horrible at picking friends, and I’ve finally found people who really care about me.

  105. At this moment I’m grateful for my amazing kitties and for my Mom. Not necessarily in that order, Mom!

  106. Awesome :). I loved IF I STAY. I’m grateful for having to have experienced all the ‘elders’ in my life for this long. Four of them, still going strong, 80 and up.

  107. I’m very hopeful for one my New Years resolutions, which is to transfer to another college.

    Also, I’m forever grateful for my mom, my cats, books, and the Internet.

    Thanks for the wonderful giveaway, Gayle! :)

  108. honestly? get ready for the cliche: i am thankful for making it to another year with my friends and family in good health. On a more materialistic note, i’m grateful that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II will be coming out this year (:

  109. I am grateful for days when I don’t have to leave the house; for chocolate cake; for my awesome friends; for stupid sitcoms; for Skype so I can talk to my family across the ocean; for grapes and grapefruit; for my new Macbook; for Harry Potter; for a bookshelf of unread books. I am hopeful that this year I will have time to do more writing and more reading.

    Happy new year!


  110. Hello,
    I’m grateful for my parents as well as my five brothers and sisters. In addition, I’m also grateful fo my future brother in law and the happiness he brings to my sister. I’d be content to spend the rest fo my life with them, especially vacations. It’s all I’m asking for. As for TV shows, well: pretty much everything. ALthough I really hope to find out who the mother is on How I Met Your Mother.
    Happy New Year

  111. What a great Giveaway!!

    I’m looking forward to read both of them ^^

    I am grateful for having a wonderful family around me supporting me in everything (yeah even in my crazy moments) & an awesome little group of good friends that brings joy to my life .

  112. I’m thankful to even BE in 2011. There’s no guarantee for any of us, and so my personal resolution this year was two words: no regrets.

    Plus, GLEE is awesome. :P

  113. I’m grateful for my family and my friends. I’m lucky to have them all :)

  114. I am grateful for awesome authors and their blogs and ARC giveaways in the New Year! But I’m also grateful for all those other fabulous things about life, like eating delicious food, cuddly kids and friends that make me laugh.

  115. I’m grateful for good health, good YA writers who trust their readers, family, and love. :)

  116. I seriously can’t wait for Where She Went to come out and really hope it’s released in Australia at the same time it is in the US because I don’t think I can wait that much longer! That said I think this is a great competition and…..
    As shallow as it may seem I’m grateful for the chocolate and coffee in the world that is sometimes the only thong that gets me up. Caffeinated I can do anything I set my mind to (except maybe fly) and the kind of optimism coffee combined with chocolate can bring me is what the world needs more of!

  117. I am looking forward to the birth of my good friends first child next month. Movies I am looking forward to are the new Jane Eyre & Harry Potter. The TV show I am grateful is Fringe!

  118. I’m grateful for all the amazing books I’ve read, and the musical Next to Normal, both of which have made me think about the world differently and given me lots of new ideas.

  119. So excited for Where She Went! :) I am grateful for the new friends made in 2010 and the new cello I got, so I can continue my growing love of music.

  120. I am grateful that I have so many awesome friends that don’t need drugs or alcohol to have a good time!

  121. I am grateful to have a wonderful husband and a job that I love (which also lets me be around books all day–hooray for libraries)!

  122. I am grateful that I am able to be home with my children and watch them grow. But I am also grateful for the few hours I have alone to myself while they are at school so I can cuddle up with a good book :)

  123. I am grateful to my Daughter Lucy for introducing me to the Book,if i stay!This book has taught me to appreciate all that I have,a beautiful husband,4 fantastic children and the passion to go after my dreams through songwriting! This book has touched my daughter and myself in the most amazing way!We will be telling all of Australia to read this one!

  124. I am extremely grateful for having wonderful family and friends that support me a lot for my cello and acting! Especially my mom and little sister because they have been doing a lot for me that I couldn’t imagine! I have to say that I’m really glad that I walked inside the bookstore and found If I Stay because it had really opened my eyes and gave me time to think..a lot!

  125. I am grateful for my husband, our kitty, our awesome families and a fresh year!

  126. I am grateful for my 2 daughters and my husband! I hopeful for a wonderful, happy year for us 4! :D

  127. I’m grateful for a lot of things (family, friends, health) but I’m really grateful for music. It’s something that means a lot to me. A good song can change your mood. It can be upbeat and make you happy, it can be sad and make you cry. It’s a way for me to express myself. Without music, I’m honestly not sure where I would be.

  128. I’m grateful for my family and their support.

  129. I’m grateful for good books! I read a ton last year and I am looking forward to reading a ton this year! (Especially Where She Went!)

  130. I’m grateful for the new year and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. :D
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. I’m grateful for good books, cozy couches, and the possibility of upcoming snow days in New England :)

  132. I’m grateful for a number of things.
    I’m grateful for school holidays. I’m grateful for being allowed to Fast-Track History, I’m grateful for having a job, I’m grateful that I’m going to JAPAN this year. I’m grateful that it’s only 4 months until CoFA and Where She Wnet comes out.

    I’m grateful for air-conditioning during this fine Summer, for ice-cream and denim shorts.
    I’m grateful for a new episode of Gossip Girl on tonight and for good TV shows.

    I’m grateful for my iTunes card which I got 3 awesome albums with (Washington, The Naked and Famous and ARCADE FIRE!!)

    I’m grateful for the crowded 2nd hand book store in my town, for Op Shops and Vintage Stores.

    I’M GRATEFUL FOR MY CELLO!!! I probs should have mentioned that first.Nothing like a love between a girl and her Cello.

    And last but not least, I’m grateful that you have having this comp to people ANYWHERE! Most comps are just for American residents. :)

  133. I’m ever so grateful for the new friends my family and I have acquired this year within the neighbourhood! We’ve bonded so much and we all feel like family! :)

  134. I’m grateful for all the new books coming out this year!

  135. I am grateful for mine and my husbands new home in Colorado. It is seriously beautiful here.
    And grateful that there is a 3 libraries and multiple bookstores within 10 miles of us :D

  136. I am grateful for ice cream, friends, and my own apartment! Bliss!

  137. I am soooooo grateful that I get to work with teens and recommend books to them each and everyday!

  138. I am extremely grateful to be expecting my first baby due August 2011 :) So exciting!

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway. I am so looking forward to reading Adam’s story.

    Angie from Texas

  139. I’m greatful for all the fun things I get to do and my parents will let me do. They give me all the support I need wether it’s for ski racing or for school.
    I’m greatful that I have my oboe and guitar and I can take guitar lessions and play in the school band. (Lot’s of ands in that sentence) Music is a very important thing in my life much like Adam and Mia.
    One thing I can’t wait for this year is Where She Went and I get my driver’s permit this summer. (if my dad will get over the fact that I jump a curve.)

  140. I’m grateful that I get to watch Sucker Punch this year.
    I’m grateful that my high school’s travel club (that I’m a part of) is going to France and Spain this April.
    I’m grateful I turn 16 the week before I go to Spain and France. <3

  141. I meant hopeful for when I said “I can’t wait to get my driver’s permit” I hope that the DMV will let me get my permit so I can drive!

  142. I’m grateful for my family and friends. As for what I’m hopeful, I really wish I get to finish writing my novel.

  143. I’m grateful for having amazing friends and I’m hopeful someday I’ll understand my parent’s decisions better

  144. Great contest!!

    I an grateful for Misfits, books, and the last Harry Potter movie to come out

  145. I am grateful for my family and friends who bring so much happiness into my life but I am also grateful for good books that provide me with an opportunity to escape and relax :)

  146. I am so grateful for so many different things. One is my family- my husband and children. Two is my heath (knock on wood) and I’m also grateful to goodreads since I’ve meet so many awesome readers there that share the joys and let downs for the written world.

    My hopefuls? I wanna quit smoking and read as many great books as possible for the year 2011!!

    Thanks for the contest. I can’t wait to read WHERE SHE WENT!

    Your fan

  147. I am grateful for my cousin, who is dearer than a sister to me, being in remission.

    I’m also thankful for finding a recipe for oreo truffles (those are freaking delicious!) and (finally) working up the nerve to talk to the boy I liked for a long time.

  148. I’m thankful for my health! And my family who supports me no matter what

  149. This year I would say I’m most grateful for the chances and challenges that await (even if I feel overwhelmed with it all on most days). I’m even more grateful to all my family and friends’ love they give me to remind of the worth I have on the world.

  150. I’m grateful for the choices I’ve made in my life, to get good grades and live drug-free (unlike many of the people at my school).

    I’m grateful for my friends and family, who also live safe and drug-free lives.

    I’m grateful for the talents I’ve been given, which I need to think about more often, as I tend to dwell on the talents that I *haven’t* been given.

    I’m grateful that my family is able to pay for the things we need and more, which I also need to think about more often.

    I’m grateful for the school that I go to. Although it’s definitely not perfect, it could be a lot worse and be in some dumpy ghettoo or something.

    And last but not least I’m greatful for my sock monkey collection, I’m obsessed with them (:

    Thanks Gayle for doing this and forcing me to think about the things I normally take for granted, I really needed that.

  151. i’m grateful for my family and my good health. i’m grateful for having a steady job. i’m grateful for all the amazing books being released.

    thanks for this giveaway gayle! i absolutely LOVED if i stay and so excited for where she went.

  152. I’m grateful that I’ll be going off to college this year. Big turning point in my life! I’m so excited! :)

  153. I am grateful for my family and my true love. And for good books. I really love good books. ;)

  154. I’m grateful for my wonderful, supportive husband. He has helped me through some crazy medical issues without questioning or complaining. I’m hopeful that we’ll be able to start our family this year!!!

  155. I’m grateful for so many things but I am most grateful for my mom and that we can put 2010 behind us. The last 8 mths have been very difficult as my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer and has been undergoing agressive Chemo treatments.Her last treatment was December 31st and we welcomed 2011 in with hopes that it will be healthier and happier.

  156. I’m grateful that my husband bought me two pairs of slippers for Christmas–one for each floor of the house. I’d like to think it’s because he loves me so much and knows how much I hate having cold feet all winter. But I’m sure it’s really because he hates me bringing my cold feet into bed at night.

  157. I’m grateful for my family, my dog, and my camera!

  158. I’m grateful for finally finding friends that I really like. I’m hoping that by 2011 we’re still good friends who always rely on each other. :)

  159. I am so grateful for a healthy baby girl, my husband who always makes popcorn and smoothie runs for me as a reading snack and last but not least for all the fabulous YA writers that help me find my sanity and peace every night after my baby is in bed!;)

    cAn’t WAIT for Where She Went!!!! **fingers crossed**

  160. At this moment, I am feeling especially grateful for all the little things in life. Right now, that includes my iPod and my Kindle. :) Two lovely creations to enjoy together. Nothing like having beautiful music and incredible books to cuddle up with during cold Wisconsin winters!

  161. This past year has been an amazing one! I am grateful for my new daughter that was born on 11/11/10 she was healthy and beautiful! I am grateful for the Lord and how much he has blessed my life!

  162. I’m grateful for my best friend who is just everything to me. I don’t know where I’d be without her.

  163. I’m grateful for my family and friends who love and support me. And I’m grateful for all the great books coming out this year.

    Can’t wait to read Where She Went!

  164. I’m grateful for my friends and family and for having a job that allows me to earn money to buy books. I’m also thankful for so many amazing books that will be released this year. I can’t wait to read all of them. :)

  165. I am loving Friday Night Lights – we watched the first four seasons in about a month.

    Mainly I’m grateful for my infant daughter. She is just so so lovely.

  166. Wow. I can’t even begin to compete with most of these folks and what they are thankful for. I am lucky in so many ways but still feel rather sad. I am thankful for my lovely 11 year old daughter and that she is healthy. I don’t have much else, but that is truely golden.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  167. Such an awesome giveaway :) I cannot wait for Where She Went!

    I’m hopeful for two things this year: one is our house which is currently undergoing renovation. It’s what we have been waiting for since 2009 after our house got flooded by Typhoon Ketsana.

    Second I am grateful for my family and friends, and I know with them 2011 will be more awesome. :)

    Happy 2011, Gayle! :)

  168. i am hopeful of new relationships, or rather a single new relationship with a specific woman :) i am also thankful for that same woman as a friend like none other, who is always there to talk to or just sit with.

  169. I am thankful for:
    -A family thaty’s finally together
    -Music and dance and happiness
    -Books that have made me laugh, cry, shout, and fe…moreI am thankful for:
    -A family thaty’s finally together
    -Music and dance and happiness
    -Books that have made me laugh, cry, shout, and feel.
    Oh, and chocolate.

    And thanks for the contest- fingers crossed

  170. Gleek over here. *Waves hand*
    I’m greatful for books and my ability to write. I’d be seriously bored if writing didn’t, you know, exist.(or whatever)
    Thanks for the contest! Loved If I Stay!

  171. I am grateful for books, comic books, and Ryan Reynolds’ abs. That’s right, I said it.

  172. This year I’m so grateful for my family and friends. My best friend had a beautiful daughter in September and she’s pretty much our source of light and laughter. I’m grateful for my amazing family for always being there for me, for having a job and being able to go to school.

  173. I’m so excited about this giveaway! I can’t wait to read your book! I’m grateful for my family, because I could have been born anywhere to anyone and I really lucked out. We’ve had valleys in our lives, just like anyone else, but I’m so thankful that this holiday season we were all able to be together. The past few years, my brother was battling addictions with drugs and alcohol and hit rock bottom last year when he was in a car wreck that killed his best friend. He went to rehab shortly after to deal with his addictions as well as the trauma of his loss. He was in rehab during the holidays last year, so we didn’t have him home with us. He has made a complete 180 with his life, and I’m so thankful that our family has made it through so much and has also stayed together through all of it, because that kind of thing will a lot of times break a home, but not ours. I’m very grateful for my family and the love we have for one another!

  174. I’m so grateful for my boyfriend and family, for their unending love and patience when box after box of books come-a-knocking on our door. I’m still looking forward to more books this year!

  175. I’m grateful for the possibilities this year will bring. Man, that makes me sound pretentious and a tad obnoxious, but let me explain my answer. Up until this point in my life, I haven’t had that overwhelming feeling that something new or exciting could happen to me. But when the clock struck twelve a few days ago, I had that realization. I finally feel like I am moving in forward motion, following a path to who-knows-where. But the possibilities, I feel like they are endless….and to all the things and people in my life that have brought me here, I am grateful.

  176. Thanks for the giveaway!

    I am grateful for my family and friends : )

  177. Thank you so much…. I am grateful for all the poeple in the blogosphere that host international giveaways =D

    Jaz Parks

  178. I am grateful for my family. Honestly, I think I take them for granted. I hope I change that this year. And gah, I am so grateful for Make it Or Break it. I did a bad thing and read spoilers for the upcoming season, but I am still looking forward to it. Gymnastics + Romance = WIN.

  179. I am grateful for a move to a new city with new friends that is happening in less than two weeks. Here goes!

  180. I am grateful for health, family, friends, and great books!

  181. I’m Thankful for TOMS shoes…I Love them!

  182. I’m thankful for Aunts that will stay on a long distance phone calls for hours on end helping to finish college application essays.

  183. I am grateful for my friends who are always there even when I am not in a good shape.
    And for him with his “open door”.

    And also I am grateful for those search engines that help me find many things. So I can skip some of my Why Questions :)

    Thanks for the chance

  184. Wow! The covers are so beautiful! I’ve always wanted to read If I Stay. So here I am!

    I’m really grateful for my 1st semester grades. The european languages department – my department – is very strict with our grades in our majors. I’m so happy that I got very high grades on those two major subjects, which actually pulled my overall average and made me a “university scholar” – the highest form of academic achievers throughout the university.

    In 2011, I’m hopeful that I will continue to be a university scholar while maintaining the blog and hosting events every 2-3 months. Aside from book blogging, reviewing books, I found that I love planning and hosting blog events that are YA-related.

    Thank you so much Gayle! :) I’m also grateful that you made this contest open internationally. Happy New Year!

  185. Thank you so much for the contest, Gayle!! I loved IF I STAY so much, and have already pre-ordered my copy of WHERE SHE WENT.

    I’m grateful for people like you: authors. Authors for every book in the world. :)

    Happy New Year!

  186. I’m grateful for my wonderful family, who will support me no matter what.

  187. I’m grateful for the few hundred people supporting my campaign. I’m only 14 years old and my rival campaigners are probably twice my age. And there’s two of them against one of me :D KID POWER!

  188. omg, im so dying to read both of those books! (or i probably wouldnt be entering…so yeah.)
    im grateful for a LOAD of things this year, first being my family. crazy how i keep forgetting what a huge blessing a supportive, loving family is. i couldnt even think of how id survive without them.
    besides that, im also grateful for the whole ya blogging community. ive learned so much about the publishing industry and books in one year it’s incredible.
    and last, BOOKS! books, in short, enrich my life. (that sounds a lot more dramatic than it was intended to :|)
    that’s about it, i think! :)

  189. I’m excited about this giveaway…. :)
    I’m grateful to be alive…

  190. It’s funny, though i never looked at me as a singer or a songwriter. But I kind of have a feeling that there is something behind those words. Something that makes my heartbeat go faster, wants to explode, wants to show the world the real me. It’ hilarious, because i’m not even sure if that’s the real me? All i know is that i am going to graduate this year. My dad wants me to go to college, my mum wants me to just follow my dreams and i am somewhere stuck in the middle. But i know i’ve got a dream, at least for now. I want to write and express feelings, and i want to sing. Hopefully 2011 will show me who i am. So I guess i’m grateful for the dream that’s inside of me.

    Thank you for the book “If i Stay”. I’m from Germany, but read it first in english and immediately fell in love with it. I can totally relate to her and she gave me the guts to admit my dream of being a songwriter. Thank you Gayle Forman.

  191. I am truely grateful to be alive, for the great books I get to read and the authors who inspire me, for clean water, for the courage to keep on keeping on, for good music, etc etc.

    I hope for a better tomorrow, to get closer with my friends, to not cry everytime a character in a book does something disasterous, and to be able to publish one day…

  192. I’m grateful for a lot of things this coming year. I’m grateful that I’ve come to realize who my real friends are and who will actually be there for me if something happens. I’m grateful for my dog Sassi, because she’s thirteen years old now and I don’t know how much longer she’ll be around.

  193. Yes, I am super-grateful for Glee. :) It’s my favorite TV show. (and pretty much my ONLY TV show, now that I think about it)
    I’m grateful for books that transport me to knew places. They make my monotonous life seem much more exciting and they make me feel as if I can really escape from this town.

  194. I’m grateful that I have a forgiving, gracious, merciful Lord that loves me with a love so deep and infinite that I will never be able to understand it. I’m also grateful that although my brother is in the military he is (at this point) not in a war zone and will be home for my graduation.

  195. I’m grateful that I have a close knit family and good friends, even if I don’t get to see them very often now that I go away to school. Just knowing they’re there helps me get through the day. I’m also grateful for amazing books that let me escape my own world and drop me into another.

  196. I’m grateful that I got to spend two wonderful weeks with my sister & brother-in-law for Christmas and that they will be back in the US in just 5 months after being stationed overseas for 3 years.

  197. LOVE GLEE! And if they don’t bring back Jesse St. James I think I just might boycott… well, maybe not, but I’ll pout!

    I’m thankful for a loving family and solid friends. :)

  198. I am grateful that this competition is for anyone ANYWHERE, since i live in Australia :)
    But seriously, i am thankful for my parents. They’ve given me the best life ever so far :)
    I’m also thankful for planes! So that i can travel (when i have enough money) wherever i please!

  199. I do LOVE Glee, but I’m hopeful for the possiblity of buying a home and going on a GREAT family vacation this year!

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  200. Well, yeah…I’m grateful for Glee! And books, and music, and friends, and beautiful sunny winter days, and wine. Can’t wait to read Where She Went!

  201. I am very grateful that I am marrying a wonderful man who supports my very bad book habit!

  202. I am grateful for every day I have life in me. For for every shining moment I have been given. Even the hard ones that I used to wish away.

    I am grateful that each morning I can get up and work to fix my mistakes from the day before, that I can mold myself into a better version of me.

    I could seriously go on and on… but instead I am going to take this and write a blog post on my personal blog about what I am grateful because I have a feeling it will be quite long.

    Oh, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share what I am grateful for. It is important to remember every day.


  203. I am so thankful for being LEUKEMIA FREE!!! At 19 years old!! Such a blessing. =)
    I’m also grateful for starbucks peppermint hot chocolates, which get me through writers block. Amen for those babies!

  204. I am grateful for my awesome family. They’re always there to support me and we have a great time together, too!

  205. I’m grateful because of my little sister. She’s everything to me. I know there’s no many sisters who love each other this way, but bethween us it’s different. She’s the only one! <3

    Happy new year, Gayle, and thank you for the giveaway! You rock!



  206. I would forever be grateful for my family. We’re far from perfect and we have problems and conflicts now and then but through all that, we never forget our love for each other. :)

  207. I am grateful for a lot of things. I am grateful for my loving family after losing my mother it brought us all closer. We recently lost an Aunt to cancer and we were all there for each other again. I am thankful to be working..after 9 months of unemployment its great to have a job. I am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend and my cats and my awesome best friend. I am also thankful to have good books out there to read when I have some free time. :-)

  208. This year I am hopeful that I will get in to Clarion. I have my applications in to both locations, and my fingers crossed so hard it hurts.

    Also- If I Stay was AMAZING. Thank you for writing it. I’m really looking forward to Where She Went.

  209. I am grateful for my family and all the wonderful opportunities I’ve been given in life.

  210. I’m grateful for having my family around. Just recently some of a friend of mine’s family members passed away and although I might not have the best family in the world, I have one.
    And I’m hopeful regarding it’s my senior year and I will most likely travel around after my graduation :)

  211. I’m grateful for my family, they really are great people. And I’m grateful for a year of learning a lot of important things!

  212. I’m grateful that I finally landed my dream job in animal rescue which I’m beginning at the end of January, I’m hopeful that I’ll find a place to live in time and won’t be homeless when I arrive, and I am grateful for Dr. Sheldon Cooper. Long live Moonpie!

  213. I’m grateful I get to graduate this year. :3

  214. I’m grateful for all of my amazing friends at school!

  215. I’m grateful to have friends and family who love me. I’m looking forward to my classes this semester.

  216. I’m grateful for my best friend. Without him I would go absolutely crazy. I’m also grateful for my job and the fact that I have an escape from the craziness of home.

  217. I am truly grateful that I will be seeing my dad and my little brother this year. I haven’t seen them for over 6 years.

  218. I am so grateful for so much! I’m grateful for all of my laughter this year, the wonderful family I have, the smiles we each exchange each day, the wonderful technology and the many adventures I have had through the many books I’ve read this year (which might I add has not been as many as I’d like), the many memories shared, my many friends that have stayed with me through it all(cancer scares and all, which were not fun but they kept a smile on my face) :) Most of all I am grateful for the wonderful love I found. My life has changed greatly because of a young man that has entered my life this year. He swept me off of my feet and made me truly feel like a princess. I know now that there is nothing stronger, and stranger, than love.

  219. I’m grateful for everything in my life, however broad that sounds. My family. My friends. My home. Even that dreaded place known as school. I know that I have more than many other people, and so I thank God for what I have everyday and pray He will bless those less fortunate than my family. I hope this year brings new life with the two new cousins I will soon have; good fortune in that I will get into a good college; and unity to my best friend’s family that is going through some rough times right now.

  220. I am first off grateful for my health which allows me to pursue my goals, as well as having the support of my parents to pursue Stage Management, and making it possible to march my final season with my drum corps the Boston Crusaders.

  221. I extremely grateful for books, reading, and writing. They make my world go round<3

  222. I’m grateful to marry the man of my dreams this year!

  223. I am most grateful for life. Not necessarily my own(though I don’t begrudge it!) but the lives I ease, repair, and enrich. As a nurse, not many “non-medical’s” GET it…I am grateful for people like you that are able to remind me to take the 14 hr shifts full of screaming/fighting Alzheimer patients, post-op patients, isolated-for infection, end-of-life patients, etc. all in stride and make me feel like all of the time I spend away from my family is to help someone else’s family-and it’s worth it. Reading your book If I Stay, was like a beacon for me and I applaud you for your work…beautiful, thank you!

  224. This year I’m grateful for new beginnings. Last year was sincerely rough and I hope that in my new city I’ll experience better health, new experiences, and increased happiness!

  225. I am grateful for my family. I lost my sister two years ago, so the family I still have means so much to me. I am also grateful that both my parents have jobs (after lots of searching) and are able to put food on the table.

  226. I’m grateful for my “nephew” (best friends baby) who was born right before the new year began, he’s adorabelle.
    I’m hopeful for change because a lot of stuff’s been going on lately and I can’t help but feel like it’s gonna lead me to something new, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but I’m kinda looking forward to either because well good’s self explanatory and bad helps you learn and gives you knew things to write about and live for.

  227. I’m grateful for books and movies!! They both provide a needed escape when my mental health needs it the most. =)

  228. I am grateful that my mom and I were able to get away from her abusive husband, and I am grateful she finally got a job. I am grateful for government support as well as the support of family. I’m grateful for the people at the pet store that allow me to wander in every day and hold everything. I’m grateful for books that let me leave everything behind.
    Most of all, though, I’m grateful for my best friends that stick by me even when both my depression and my anxiety are acting up (and trust me, I’m no fun then). The one who drives over to my house to drag me out of bed in tough love when I don’t see the purpose of doing anything and then sticks around as long as he can. The one that calls me, panicking, if I’m depressed and don’t respond to texts. The one who offers to skip class or break his date with his girlfriend if I need him. The one I’ve never met in person, but is quick to post on my Facebook wall if I’m feeling like no one loves me. The one who was the first to figure out I was being abused and was there supporting my mom and me every step of the way. And the teachers that are always offering me help and extensions when my grades start dipping, especially the one who offered to stay after with me last year on the days I didn’t want to go home.

  229. Thanks for the great giveaway! I LOVED If I Stay and I cannot wait for Where She Went!!
    I’m grateful for … go figure … books! And also my family… which actually goes first on the list…

  230. Wonderful contest. (:

    I’m very grateful for my best friend, Jeff. We’ve recently had a falling out and to know we’re in eachothers good graces again is fantastic and a true relief. Without that boy I would have gone mad ages ago…well, madder.

  231. I’m grateful that The Vampire Diaries is coming back at the end of this month, and finally the absurd craze of Twilight is dying down.

  232. I have so much to be thankful for Like many other people, I am very grateful for my wonderful friends. I am also so for my new house. After living in a tiny apartment for so long with my family and pets, I’m glad we can finally feel like we have a real home. I’m grateful for music and books and all the amazing people in my life. Who knows what state of mind I would be in with out them.
    I’m also hopeful that this year will be the year that my dad gets a good job. And no matter where that may be, that we will stay together and not forget to be happy about what we have and not wish for so much more.

  233. I’m grateful my daughter got into Reed College (and that my little sister got a great review on NRP).

  234. I’m grateful to my teachers, librarians, older siblings, and authors like you who showed me the incredible joy of reading. I can’t imagine not being without a book.

  235. I am grateful for my parents. They are trusting me with their car and allowing me to drive to school! I am grateful for all the hours they spent with me practicing so I could pass my driving test!

  236. I’m excited for the new book! :)
    I’m greatful for my wonderful friend Brianna who is just as odd as I am and never stops making me laugh. I’m greatful from my amazing friend Samson who never fails to make me feel loved and needed. I’m greatful for my incredible friends Marissa, Heidi and Holly who help me walk in God’s light. I’m greatful for all the rest of my irreplacable friends as well. I’m greatful for a family that always supports me and loves me. I’m greatful for all of my mentors and teachers, not just at school but in my whole life, who have turned me into the person I am today. I’m greatful for authors and the lovely books they write that take me away from the world I live in to a world I’ve never known. I’m greatful food and a house and freedom and for millions of other things that I can’t think of off the top of my head. I am thankful for everything I have because I know there is always the chance i will no longer have it.

  237. I’m grateful for supportive friends who urge me to pursue my dreams, and hopeful for an okay score on my SAT.

  238. This year has been the year I discovered who I am and maybe even who I want to be. I have had the greatest, most awe-inspiring experiences of my life so far. I know who my friends are, I know what my interests are, I know my beliefs and my values, and I know my own personality. I recognise who I am now and can laugh, cry, and sing about it to my heart’s content because of how much this year has opened my eyes. I am grateful for this opportunity to rediscover myself. For the coming year, I am hopeful for what comes next–colleges, friends, and the whole shebang!

  239. I am grateful for all the drama I was put through this past year. It has inspired a need to write about it. I will be the Taylor Swift of books :D… I am hopeful, however, that thing will start to turn around.

  240. I am greatfull for all the wonderful authors out that make all my fav books. I am also gratefull for my family and friends and a great beginnig to a soon to be great year. :)

  241. As it is the new year there are many things Im wishing for and that I’m hopeful for. Of course i’m a huge Gleek so I’m excited for the new episode that come on in Feburary. But, the biggest thing that I’m hoping for is to finally be able to leave the childrens hospital I’ve been in for the last four months. I’m finally able to build up my leg muscles again so I might be able to go home in about three weeks. The only thing that has kept me sane here is my passion for reading. I can not count how many books I’ve read since I’ve been here. At least three a week. (: So this is my New Year.

  242. This year I’m very hopeful for my wedding. I’m getting married in June and I can’t wait. My fiance and I have been together for over 5 years and he’s my best friend. I don’t know where I’d be without him. I’m so excited to start our life together. Great things have been happening to us and I can’t wait for more. We both recently got full-time jobs and are saving for a house which we hope to have a few months before our wedding. I’m so very grateful to have him and to spend the rest of my life with him. A house, a wedding, and maybe a baby by the end of the year! What could be better?

  243. I’m thankful for my husband who cooks me dinner and make vegetables interesting and delicious when I’m trying to eat healthy.

  244. I am extremely glad for my family. I have the best family in the world and I’m so glad that I could be with them for New Year’s. I am looking forward to a wonderful year and getting to read many wonderful books. If I Stay was so good and I’m sure Where She Went will be just as good, when i read it. Thank you sooo much for this giveaway! I’m so excited! :)

  245. Although I’m a huge gleek/ performing arts geek, what I’m most grateful for is getting these next 6 months to spend with my best friends before most of them head off to college and I’m still stuck in highschool. Here’s to making the most out of 2011!

  246. I’m grateful to be alive, even if I’m stuck living with my mom after a bad divorce. Sometimes we just have to stop and smell the roses, realize that not everything is as horrible as some may take it.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I loved IF I STAY and cannot wait for WHERE SHE WENT.

  247. I’m really grateful for my family and that we’re getting along better then we were in 2010. I’m also grateful that I’m motivated to do well in school.

  248. Really, really looking forward to Where She Went!!

    I am truly grateful that my husband is employed again, my children are insured again, and we are all healthy and together. <3

  249. I am most definitely grateful for a new beginning of sorts. I know that the New Year isn’t really a new beginning, but it is the beginning of a new chapter in each of our lives. So what’s happened in the past, as it is every day, is left behind us. I guess the New Year just makes it seem more official.

  250. These seem like two really great books :) I’m grateful for my friends who stay by me even though I tend to say whatever pops into my head.

  251. WoW! great contest! I love your books!
    Im grateful for a lot of things, my well being, and my family and my friends, and im really grateful for school. Because even thorough its… well school, Im still getting a pretty good education and nice teachers and good classes and things.

    Have a wonderful year!

  252. I’m grateful for having two younger sisters to share books and dreams with, even if they are 3,000 miles away now. Most of my childhood, I had only my older brothers – finally get to have some serious girl time via phone! Here’s to sisterhood in 2011!

  253. I am grateful,for… Everything really. Family, Food, Friends, Music, etc. I can never choose. This year I am Hopeful for a chance to have fun and do the four things I love to do: Live, Learn, Read, and Act

  254. I am grateful for a lot of things, especially my family and friends because they are always there for me! And I am also very grateful for all the wonderful books I’ve read this year, one of them being If I Stay. It was beautiful. So, so beautiful:)

  255. I’m looking foward to a great new year of making new friends and spending quality time with all of my family members! :)

  256. I am grateful for the all the great opportunities open to me because I live in NYC- even if I’m in a constant state of broke.

    I am also grateful for LeakyCon 2011! Woohoo!

    I hope everyone has a wonderful year :)

  257. I’m grateful for my family, my friends, my music (I play the violin and I love it so much). I’m grateful for every good experience I’ve had and I’m extra grateful for having great grandparents

  258. i am most grateful for my son, he gives me a lot of joy

  259. I am grateful for the health of my family and my beautiful children. Grateful my grandparents are doing ok and I get more time with them and grateful that I have a loving husband. What I am looking forward to this year is my son’s upcoming C.T. scan that is coming up in a couple of months and the awaiting surgery that will soon follow. Been waiting for this day for the last 5 years and am anxious to finally have the answers we’ve been looking for. No more question marks floating around in our heads, but finally we will know and can start planning on the next step and go from there. I am hopeful to have a huge weight lifted off our shoulders, even if it doesn’t go our way, answers is all I want

  260. This year I am thankful that my Grandma is ok. During Thanksgiving dinner she had a stroke. But the good thing is we were all there. She is improving everyday.

  261. I’m grateful for my boyfriend. He’s been with me through thick and thin and he wont ever leave me. I love him and he loves me. He’s not pressuring me into anything and just wants me to be happy. I now know there is the perfect boy everyone portrays in their books.

  262. This year, I’m especially grateful for my parents for supporting me in all of my post-college decisions! Oh, and of course I am grateful for authors who publish so many amazing books for us all to read:-)

  263. This year I’m grateful for my amazing husband who’s also my best friend and my wonderful 3 year old son who makes every single day worth living. I’m hopeful that we’ll find a house we can call our home soon.

  264. I’m thankful for my family, for the time I got to spend with them over Christmas. I’m thankful for a new year. I’m thankful for my supportive friends, for my mentors, and for my parents. I’m thankful for my stable home when so many others’ homes are rent apart. I’m thankful for Doctor Who and Merlin, for Harry Potter, for great new classics to read and for Earl Grey Tea.
    It’s hard to stop now!

  265. I am grateful for authors like you. Authors that write books that make me want to read all the time. I’m a teenager, and not really a big fan of reading. But since I read If I Stay, I have been trying to find more books to read and I realized that I really loved it. I am more than excited to read Where She Went. But I’m also grateful for my family, and being able to see what 2011 is like.:) I am a big fan of music, so I’m grateful for that too.

  266. I’m thankful for all the amazing people who I call my friends, along with the best sitcom ever, “According to Jim”, J.K. Rowling and her amazing writing, and Taylor Swift and her songs, which made me really feel understood. :)

  267. I am REALLY excited for this year because I am getting my learners! I’m hoping this year will be really special. Plus all the new movies and books that will be making an entrance this year (like Harry Potter 7 part 2)!

  268. I know it sounds cheesy, but what I am grateful most of is my best friend, who is always there for me.

  269. I’m grateful for having gotten DirectTV this past fall so that I could watch Friday Night Lights the first time it airs instead of having to wait for the NBC airing – You’ll love this season Gayle!

    I’m also grateful for the super supportive YA book blogging community that I joined this year and for a job (8th grade teacher) that allows me to call it “work” when I read YA and log about it and watch the TV shows and movies based on it!

  270. I am grateful for having two solid jobs
    I am grateful for my best friend
    I am grateful for the bookstore gift cards I got for Christmas.
    I am also grateful for TiVo and Nathan Fillion!

  271. Friends, family, of course! But whenever I start to think about things I’m really thankful for, I have to think about how I feel when I’m at my absolute most-stressed…and then I feel thankful for that! I knew a girl in college who woke up one morning with a blurry eye, went to the doctor thinking she had a problem with her contact lens, and was in the hospital getting cancer treatments by the end of the afternoon. Everything in her life was on pause when she was trying to get well – she had to leave school, move back in with her parents, spend weeks and months at a time in the hospital. She had A.L.L. – for anyone who’s listened to the band Jack’s Mannequin, that’s what Andrew McMahon had. Unfortunately, she didn’t go into remission like Andrew McMahon – she passed away a little over two years ago. She was a year older than me, and only 23 when she died, and I still think about her almost every day with the understanding that, even when I’m running crazy with teaching or when I was in grad school and would have long, long 13-14 hour days, or when I go through a shittyyyyy break up, or as I train for my New Years Res to run in more 5Ks and 10Ks…I always think of the girl I knew who had to put her whole world on hold to fight for her life, and feel really thankful that I am able to be busy and stressed out and ALIVE.

  272. I just read part of ‘If I Stay’. My 24 year old daughter, Emily, was killed by a drunk driver 23 months ago. She lived in California. I live in Florida. She was walking home andcrossing the street when she was struck and killed. She was wearing her IPod and I know that the last thing she heard as she lay on the street with her life’s blood pooling around her beautiful head was music. She often said ‘music is life’. I am grateful to know that when she died she was listening to something she loved, hopefully a song by Radiohead, a band she was crazy about. She also told a friend earlier in the day that ‘it was the best day ever’. I think of her getting up that morning and living her life in a way that she was able to say that and I am full of gratitude. I am looking forward to reading the rest of ‘If I Stay’.

  273. i am grateful for finally finding a group of people who i fit in with and that i live in a country where people are free to express themselves. i’m very very grateful for books =] and music. i’m thankful for such a great family, and also for new episodes of my fave shows.

  274. I am soo grateful for school. It sounds weird but when you don’t have a car, school’s the only place to see friends.
    I hope everyone has a great year!!

  275. I am thankful that I have a new lease on life and that I was able to overcome my depression, and harmful tenancies. (:

  276. This year, I’m really grateful for my parents, they are the best, and my dear friends. I’m also grateful for all the great changes that’s been happening this year!

  277. This year, I am grateful that 9 days after her 95th birthday, my grandmother died peacefully in her sleep. It is what she would have wanted. She was not an overly fussy person, and I imagine that a long drawn out and dramatic death would only have served to irritate her.

    And because that is depressing, I am also thankful for noodle kugel. Which is what I had for dinner. It is difficult for noodle kugel, in any form, to be depressing.

  278. Wow, I can’t wait for the new book, congrats! I love the covers!
    I am grateful for my family, and that I have a good life, not the greatest, but relatively good :)
    I am also hoping to get into the university of my choice, and to have a better year than last year.

  279. I’m grateful for so many things! I’m grateful for my friends and family. I’m grateful that they’re all happy and well right now =) I’m grateful for good books and bookstores. I’m grateful for the public library- without which I’d have read not half as many books as I have by now! I’m grateful for wonderful teachers and staff at my school. I’m grateful for facebook, yes, I said facebook. Without it, I probably wouldn’t keep in contact with half of my friends from other schools/places. (and thats most of my friends, too!) I’m grateful for electronics and technology. I’m grateful for CDs, iTunes, iPods, and great musicians. What else could I do to keep busy (besides reading)? If there wasn’t Taylor Swift, Superchick, Joe Brooks, or Skillet, I’d die! I’m thankful to the high schoolers that helped teach us to play our instruments for the school orchestra during their summer break. Otherwise, I’d never have gotten into playing the violin! {I know quite a few cello players, too ;D} I’m thankful for so many more things. I’m thankful my parents still have jobs. I’m thankful for all my birthday and christmas presents. I’m thankful for my pillow pet, Joe. ;) I’m thankful for Girl Scouts. It’s just a great way to hang out with friends, and get instant cookie access! ;) lolz. I’m grateful that you’re giving these books away and that you’re such a cool author, Ms. Forman! Thank you sooooo much! =)

  280. I’m so excited to read Where She Went. If I Stay made me weep like nothing else, I read it again whenever I just need to let go. This Year I’m thankful that my high school years will soon be behind me (:

  281. What a great giveaway. Thank you so much for doing this! I’m ridiculously excited about reading Where She Went. EEEEP!

    I’m grateful for my family and friends (old and new). I’ve met some amazing people this year. Really, I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to share my life with. *tear*

    What I’m hoping for in 2011 is for Adam and Mia to work things out and get back together. Hey, I can hope for that, right? ;)

  282. I’m grateful for the good kind of cry I got reading these comments.

  283. If I Stay hit home for me in so many ways. When I was 13, I was the sole survivor of a car crash. My best friend who was driving and the husband and wife in the other vehicle both died instantly. I was trapped in the back seat for over an hour while rescuers took apart the wreckage to get to me. There were almost no survivors to that wreck. All of my ribs, a femur, my wrist, my ankle and the bones on right side of my face were broken. I was impaled with the metal siding from the truck that hit us. My heart stopped… It was three months before I went home, several surgeries and casts behind me.

    I bought If I Stay by chance, enjoying the pretty blue jacket, not really reading the blurb on the inside cover. I was looking for vacation reading and the thin novel seemed to be just the ticket. I am so happy I didn’t wait to read it because although I love the book, I know it would have ruined my vacay. The guilt and heartache that Mia feels is a true testament to every survivor’s mind.

    Like Mia, it took a long time to want to live after the accident. It was so hard to understand, why me? Why did I live and they died, why was I left behind? I reconstruct that day to see where I could have changed it, where I could have made a difference in our lives. If we would have left a few minutes later, if we would have never gone to the mall that day… I will feel like it is my fault for the rest of my life, even though I know that my friend wasn’t at fault and I know the driver of the truck was twice the legal blood alcohol limit. Fourteen years later, I still have questions.

    There are parts I am grateful for. I am grateful, that although I had severe abdominal damage, my reproductive system was left untouched. I am grateful that I was able to carry my daughter to term this year and gave birth to her without incident. I am now grateful for my life, that I was spared, so I could give life to another.

  284. I’m grateful for my dogs, good books, tv, movies and most importantly my family.

    P.S: i also forgot ARC giveaways :)

  285. I am unbelievably grateful for my husband. He is the love of my life. He keeps be grounded, gives me hope, wipes my tears, rubs my back to help me sleep, takes away my worries and helps me raise our beautiful daughters being the best “hands-on” Daddy I could ever hope for. I can’t imagine my life without him. We fell in love in High School and have grown up together ever since now 18 years later :)

    Thanks for entering me, I hope I win, can’t wait to read Where She Went!

  286. I’m grateful for my good grades. My friends and family, and this wonderfull new year.

  287. I am greatful for this contest because I really want that a chance to win!

  288. I am grateful for books and the ability to read, because I could not live without either :)

  289. I’m grateful for my family..i know we fight alot but when one of us is in need we will each other, i love my parents and my sis soo much i dont think i could live without them..
    Plus i love reading,im the only one in my family that does!

  290. I’m grateful for . . . a lot of things . But i’d have to say I’m grateful for my English teacher! If it wasn’t for her great teaching I wouldn’t be improving on my own writing.

  291. I am thankful for my 14 year old daughter, Maggie finding your book “if i stay”. She did not like reading until she chose your book in English class this year. We looked for other titles over Christmas break in local stores, without success. I am looking forward to ordering other titles for her, especially “where she went”, which i PLAN TO SURPRISE HER WITH. Maggie will be so excited! If we are so blessed to receive a signed copy, please address it to her, she will be tickled to pieces.

  292. I’m grateful for having the best people in my life, my friends and family. Even though they can push so many buttons on me i’m glad I have them. They’ve shaped me to who I am today, besides me reading books. Which also helps me big time since have depression

  293. Fab contest! I am grateful for a new fantastic co blogger who totally gets me. We love a lot of the same books but also like some different ones, giving us the chance to have a very diverse blog! 2011 is going to be great!

  294. I am grateful for my two wonderful little boys and to have a part-time job so we’re not struggling so hard to buy milk and bread every month.

  295. I am grateful for the wonderment of my children. I love the push back I get from my 4yo when trying to explain to him why he can’t go skydiving. These conversations are priceless.

  296. I’m greatful to parents (especially my mom) who loves me and cries with me over the horrible, grotesque F I received in a class, because I didn’t do the work. She is my victory, she is my A grade, and the one who introduced me to my best friend, reading.

  297. Awesome contest! I’m grateful for:
    -Glee. Yes. Need more Sam. And Kurt. And everyone.
    -Finishing my second novel and getting into a good writing groove on my third.
    -All the shiny new books coming out this year. I’m going to go broke keeping up.
    -The start of a new YA group blog with several fellow writers.
    -A supportive significant other who listens to my, sometimes senseless, writing babble. ;)

  298. I’m grateful for my parents.

  299. I seriously think that what I’m most grateful for (besides family) is books. The mean the world to me. :)

  300. Pretty!!!! Im excited for graduation and starting college this year!!!! sooo excited! Lets get revin’ with the class of 2011! 2011 will be heaven! WOOH new decade!!!

  301. The TV show I’m most grateful for is the return of GREEK!! A guilty pleasure of mine.

    I’m also thrilled with my new Kindle :) And new bookshelf. (contradicting items, I know)

  302. I am grateful for my newly earned bachelors degree and the prospect of a bright future. I’m grateful that I finally have some free time to read some amazing books. I’m grateful for my supportive family and my soon-to-come nephew or niece. I’m especially thankful for being healthy three years after a car accident, elbow and wrist fractures and numerous surgeries. Everything is functioning and I’m moving forward. I loved If I Stay and am sooooo very excited for Where She Went. Much love to everyone <3

  303. I am grateful for Advanced Reading Copies so I don’t have to wait as long to read great books. I am also grateful for my family and friends that they are all healthy and happy! I am also grateful for Glee and the Vampire Diaries TV Shows!

  304. I am grateful for kind, understanding professors! I am also grateful for great young adult novels :)

  305. OMGosh, I WANT! :)

    I’m grateful for books. For words that express my innermost feelings and desires without ever exposing their depths. Or sometimes they say exactly what I mean. As they do above. lol

  306. I have lots for which to be grateful, my furry family being one of them. Love my two dogs & four cats; which I could rescue others. In 2011, I’m hopeful there will be fewer abandoned animals and that we get closer to becoming a no-kill nation.

  307. I’m grateful for so many things both big and small. I’m grateful that are 4 years of pain, false diagnoses, hospital appointments and quite a few scares my mum finally has a doctor who’s taking her seriously. I’m grateful that I’ve finally got into a school that will give me a decent chance to get into Anglos university. I’m grateful for all the books I read that give me a chance to escape into a work where my mother may not have MS. I’m also grateful for the really little things like chocolate, music and friends, even just that it’s summer and the sun is blazing in the blue sky at the moment. Because these smaller things, they’re the things that will change my ray and make me happy.

  308. I am hopeful that anesthesia clinicals will go smoothly. They begin Tuesday! Thanks for the contest.

  309. I am unbelievably thankful for another year with both my mother and my good friend. My mother had a heart attack last year and we spent Christmas in the hospital, but now she is doing great! My friend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) during the beginning of this fall semester and had to take it off from school. He is only 21 and may have to have his leg amputated. But through very aggressive chemo treatments, he is able to see 2011! I am so thankful for a loving God that grants us tomorrow!

  310. This year, I am grateful that my husband and I have our health and our happiness. We have never had to (and hopefully never will have to)face the kind of decision Mia had to make. We are truly blessed.

  311. This year I am thankful kayla’s tests came back negative for the bone cancer that has been haunting her this past year. I am also thankful for strawberries.

  312. I’m grateful for all my friends and family and hopeful for less drama this year

  313. I am greatful for my family, my boyfriend, and all the amazing books that will be coming out this year that I will be able to bury my nose in! :)

  314. I’m grateful that I have another year to live. Another year to bond with my friends. Another year to reads book and store it in my growing library. Another year to study and learn a lot. Another year with my family to treasure and remember forever. There’s a lot to be grateful for and I’m grateful that I have another year to list them all.


  315. There’s many things I’m grateful for, family, friends, having a well paying job, a roof over my head, food. Simple things that people take for granted without realizing that other people go without. I’m grateful for my boyfriend that keeps me grounded, without him my life would nothing like it is now.

  316. I’m grateful for my friends and family supporting me through my chemoheraphy and its repercussions.

  317. I’m grateful for my life, though I sometimes hate everything – but I guess that’s having something to do with being a teenager.

  318. I’m grateful that I love to read as much as I do! I’m also grateful that I’m graduating college this up-coming June with a double major and with honors! I’m grateful for having an amazing family and fiancée as well! There are many things to be grateful for this year!

  319. I am grateful for fresh beginnings, the oppurtunity to start anew. Whether it ne a new second or new year, the ability to get back on track with priorities is a beautiful oppurtunity that I am heavily grateful for. Thank you Gayle Forman, for giving me wonderous pieces of literature that allow an escape when reality is biting you in the…umm butt(: , yea butt.

  320. I am grateful that not all tv shows in the world suck. Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries etc.
    I’m also thankful for my friends family and books. I kinda wish Nook and Ipads weren’t made because they do so much worse for the world than actual books. The tree you used to have that book is so much less wasteful than all the electricity you use to charge that Nook.

  321. I am grateful for all the usual suspects, kids, husband, home, family, but I am truly grateful for my 8th grade students. Not many people in the world want to spend their days with 13 year old, let alone listen and teach them. Without them however, I would not be able to tap my inner teenager, challenge them (even though they think it is torture) and have them frustrate me to the point of inspiring a new lesson. I don’t just teach social studies and Language arts, I get to work with some of the best people on earth…teens.

  322. Omg! I love to read and my friend was reading this book so i read the first page and I have wanted to read it ever since.

  323. I am grateful for life because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of living.

  324. Im greatful for life, my family and of course my friends. The past year was a hard one. My mom surving a major heart attack, My sister and her car accident, and the fact that im finally on my new life path. I hope 2011 turns out to be a great year. I am also greatful for all the new and exciting books coming out. :)

  325. I’m grateful for finding my dad this year and getting reconnected with him. I’m hoping to get a job this year so I can save up for college!

  326. This year I am grateful for my family and friends and of course all of the amazing books that are coming out!!

  327. I’m grateful for the opportunity to start fresh this year, make a difference, and seriously begin to follow my dreams.

  328. I’m grateful for a lot, so this isn’t the easiest choice. However, I’ll say music.
    Music is the one thing that can save me from anything. I can always count on it, and I turn to it when I don’t know what to do. It gives me hope. It tells me that it’s okay to dream, it’s okay to feel, and I can do anything if I just go for it. We all struggle in life, but music helps me see that everything will be okay eventually.

  329. I am soooo grateful for my family, and the life I am able to live. I always know my family will be there for me, and I know not too many people get to live with the constant support of the ones who love them. This year, I am hoping to finish writing the story I started to write awhile ago. It is such a fantastic story and I know it is meant to be read by others. And “If I Stay” added so much more inspiration to my writing. I love you and I love your stories.
    Kristina! <3

  330. I’m grateful for the regular things… and for something not so common.. how about Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother? And Sheldon on Big Bang Theory? They make me laugh on coudy days :p Thanks for the contest :)

  331. I’m grateful for books, quite simply. I’m glad that when my life feels like it’s unbearable, there’s always the pages of a book to keep me sane. I’m grateful for YA lit in particular. A lot of YA books are written by adults, for teens, but a lot of YA authors understand things that teens go through more than other teens, like myself. Characters in YA books, while I know they’re fictional, let me know that i’m not alone. When i can relate to something that a character is going through, i know that i’m not the only girl in the world who’s scared or doesn’t know how to deal with a situation. For instance, the day before yesterday i finished reading Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler. In that book, Delilah’s family has been torn apart because of secrets and misunderstandings and miscommunication. It causes her mother to stop talking to her grandmother and aunt for years. My mom just went through a divorce and my whole family has practically shunned her for it, and reading Fixing Delilah gave me comfort, that things CAN change and they will change if we find a way. It made my heart feel better and like Delilah, i believe that i can now be fixed. So, i’m grateful for books. They’re the best friend a girl could have.

  332. I’m grateful for oppertunities.

  333. I am excessively grateful for books and the wonderful knowledge they share as well as the escape they offer. They are my savior in times of sorrow, my companion in times of exploration, and my friend in times of comfort.

  334. Sorry, peeps. I posted on Twitter, but yes, we have a winner. In my very scientific selection method—closed my eyes, scroll and point—I chose Christi, the YA librarian. And seriously, that was just random though I love YA librarians as much as I don’t love snow right now, which is to say A LOT!

    Thank you EVERYONE not just for participating but for offering up such wonderful gratitude and hope. We can all use a little more of that.

    I’ll do another giveaway in the spring, closer to the pub date, with FINISHED BOOKS!

  335. Dear Ms. Forman:

    I am 63 years old and have been reading and writing from age 3 or so. There is no need for contests or giveaways. “If I Stay” is a true gift. Your writing acumen is self-evident and the thought provoking questions at the end dictate I somehow convince my school, I am a middle school English teacher in Brooklyn, to permit me to use it in my 8th and 9th grade literature classes. Regardless of the outcome,I am of the age and financial independence to purchase your book for any and all in my classes who desire it. Tenure does have its place. This work of yours is a living thing. I am sure you have no idea the depths of feeling, of life, of choice that imbue this work and transfer to your readers. Thank you for an important work.

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