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January 3rd, 2011

New year, new book. (Which is funny. Last year’s holiday card read “New Year, New Kid!)

In honor of it being 2011 and the year of WHERE SHE WENT’s release, I’m giving away a signed ARC of WHERE SHE WENT along with a signed copy of IF I STAY (paperback, so you can see how pretty they look together).


All you have to do is comment on this post with something you are grateful for or hopeful for in this new year—and seriously people, if you are grateful for Glee, then let your Gleek flag fly. I will not hold that against you. My gratitude for TV shows, including the fact that I can soon watch Friday Night Lights—yay—though it’s the final season—wah—knows no bounds.

Contest will run till the end of the week. I will randomly pick a winner. Open to people living ANYWHERE.

UPDATE: WE have a winner. Thank you all for participating, for sharing your gratitude and hope. I’ll do another giveaway closer to pub time with a finished hardcover. In the mean time, I’ll keep you posted on other giveaways. xx

  1. I’m grateful for my parents.

  2. I seriously think that what I’m most grateful for (besides family) is books. The mean the world to me. :)

  3. Pretty!!!! Im excited for graduation and starting college this year!!!! sooo excited! Lets get revin’ with the class of 2011! 2011 will be heaven! WOOH new decade!!!

  4. The TV show I’m most grateful for is the return of GREEK!! A guilty pleasure of mine.

    I’m also thrilled with my new Kindle :) And new bookshelf. (contradicting items, I know)

  5. I am grateful for my newly earned bachelors degree and the prospect of a bright future. I’m grateful that I finally have some free time to read some amazing books. I’m grateful for my supportive family and my soon-to-come nephew or niece. I’m especially thankful for being healthy three years after a car accident, elbow and wrist fractures and numerous surgeries. Everything is functioning and I’m moving forward. I loved If I Stay and am sooooo very excited for Where She Went. Much love to everyone <3

  6. I am grateful for Advanced Reading Copies so I don’t have to wait as long to read great books. I am also grateful for my family and friends that they are all healthy and happy! I am also grateful for Glee and the Vampire Diaries TV Shows!

  7. I am grateful for kind, understanding professors! I am also grateful for great young adult novels :)

  8. OMGosh, I WANT! :)

    I’m grateful for books. For words that express my innermost feelings and desires without ever exposing their depths. Or sometimes they say exactly what I mean. As they do above. lol

  9. I have lots for which to be grateful, my furry family being one of them. Love my two dogs & four cats; which I could rescue others. In 2011, I’m hopeful there will be fewer abandoned animals and that we get closer to becoming a no-kill nation.

  10. I’m grateful for so many things both big and small. I’m grateful that are 4 years of pain, false diagnoses, hospital appointments and quite a few scares my mum finally has a doctor who’s taking her seriously. I’m grateful that I’ve finally got into a school that will give me a decent chance to get into Anglos university. I’m grateful for all the books I read that give me a chance to escape into a work where my mother may not have MS. I’m also grateful for the really little things like chocolate, music and friends, even just that it’s summer and the sun is blazing in the blue sky at the moment. Because these smaller things, they’re the things that will change my ray and make me happy.

  11. I am hopeful that anesthesia clinicals will go smoothly. They begin Tuesday! Thanks for the contest.

  12. I am unbelievably thankful for another year with both my mother and my good friend. My mother had a heart attack last year and we spent Christmas in the hospital, but now she is doing great! My friend was diagnosed with osteosarcoma (bone cancer) during the beginning of this fall semester and had to take it off from school. He is only 21 and may have to have his leg amputated. But through very aggressive chemo treatments, he is able to see 2011! I am so thankful for a loving God that grants us tomorrow!

  13. This year, I am grateful that my husband and I have our health and our happiness. We have never had to (and hopefully never will have to)face the kind of decision Mia had to make. We are truly blessed.

  14. This year I am thankful kayla’s tests came back negative for the bone cancer that has been haunting her this past year. I am also thankful for strawberries.

  15. I’m grateful for all my friends and family and hopeful for less drama this year

  16. I am greatful for my family, my boyfriend, and all the amazing books that will be coming out this year that I will be able to bury my nose in! :)

  17. I’m grateful that I have another year to live. Another year to bond with my friends. Another year to reads book and store it in my growing library. Another year to study and learn a lot. Another year with my family to treasure and remember forever. There’s a lot to be grateful for and I’m grateful that I have another year to list them all.


  18. There’s many things I’m grateful for, family, friends, having a well paying job, a roof over my head, food. Simple things that people take for granted without realizing that other people go without. I’m grateful for my boyfriend that keeps me grounded, without him my life would nothing like it is now.

  19. I’m grateful for my friends and family supporting me through my chemoheraphy and its repercussions.

  20. I’m grateful for my life, though I sometimes hate everything – but I guess that’s having something to do with being a teenager.

  21. I’m grateful that I love to read as much as I do! I’m also grateful that I’m graduating college this up-coming June with a double major and with honors! I’m grateful for having an amazing family and fiancée as well! There are many things to be grateful for this year!

  22. I am grateful for fresh beginnings, the oppurtunity to start anew. Whether it ne a new second or new year, the ability to get back on track with priorities is a beautiful oppurtunity that I am heavily grateful for. Thank you Gayle Forman, for giving me wonderous pieces of literature that allow an escape when reality is biting you in the…umm butt(: , yea butt.

  23. I am grateful that not all tv shows in the world suck. Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars, Vampire Diaries etc.
    I’m also thankful for my friends family and books. I kinda wish Nook and Ipads weren’t made because they do so much worse for the world than actual books. The tree you used to have that book is so much less wasteful than all the electricity you use to charge that Nook.

  24. I am grateful for all the usual suspects, kids, husband, home, family, but I am truly grateful for my 8th grade students. Not many people in the world want to spend their days with 13 year old, let alone listen and teach them. Without them however, I would not be able to tap my inner teenager, challenge them (even though they think it is torture) and have them frustrate me to the point of inspiring a new lesson. I don’t just teach social studies and Language arts, I get to work with some of the best people on earth…teens.

  25. Omg! I love to read and my friend was reading this book so i read the first page and I have wanted to read it ever since.

  26. I am grateful for life because it gives me the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of living.

  27. Im greatful for life, my family and of course my friends. The past year was a hard one. My mom surving a major heart attack, My sister and her car accident, and the fact that im finally on my new life path. I hope 2011 turns out to be a great year. I am also greatful for all the new and exciting books coming out. :)

  28. I’m grateful for finding my dad this year and getting reconnected with him. I’m hoping to get a job this year so I can save up for college!

  29. This year I am grateful for my family and friends and of course all of the amazing books that are coming out!!

  30. I’m grateful for the opportunity to start fresh this year, make a difference, and seriously begin to follow my dreams.

  31. I’m grateful for a lot, so this isn’t the easiest choice. However, I’ll say music.
    Music is the one thing that can save me from anything. I can always count on it, and I turn to it when I don’t know what to do. It gives me hope. It tells me that it’s okay to dream, it’s okay to feel, and I can do anything if I just go for it. We all struggle in life, but music helps me see that everything will be okay eventually.

  32. I am soooo grateful for my family, and the life I am able to live. I always know my family will be there for me, and I know not too many people get to live with the constant support of the ones who love them. This year, I am hoping to finish writing the story I started to write awhile ago. It is such a fantastic story and I know it is meant to be read by others. And “If I Stay” added so much more inspiration to my writing. I love you and I love your stories.
    Kristina! <3

  33. I’m grateful for the regular things… and for something not so common.. how about Barney Stinson on How I Met Your Mother? And Sheldon on Big Bang Theory? They make me laugh on coudy days :p Thanks for the contest :)

  34. I’m grateful for books, quite simply. I’m glad that when my life feels like it’s unbearable, there’s always the pages of a book to keep me sane. I’m grateful for YA lit in particular. A lot of YA books are written by adults, for teens, but a lot of YA authors understand things that teens go through more than other teens, like myself. Characters in YA books, while I know they’re fictional, let me know that i’m not alone. When i can relate to something that a character is going through, i know that i’m not the only girl in the world who’s scared or doesn’t know how to deal with a situation. For instance, the day before yesterday i finished reading Fixing Delilah by Sarah Ockler. In that book, Delilah’s family has been torn apart because of secrets and misunderstandings and miscommunication. It causes her mother to stop talking to her grandmother and aunt for years. My mom just went through a divorce and my whole family has practically shunned her for it, and reading Fixing Delilah gave me comfort, that things CAN change and they will change if we find a way. It made my heart feel better and like Delilah, i believe that i can now be fixed. So, i’m grateful for books. They’re the best friend a girl could have.

  35. I’m grateful for oppertunities.

  36. I am excessively grateful for books and the wonderful knowledge they share as well as the escape they offer. They are my savior in times of sorrow, my companion in times of exploration, and my friend in times of comfort.

  37. Sorry, peeps. I posted on Twitter, but yes, we have a winner. In my very scientific selection method—closed my eyes, scroll and point—I chose Christi, the YA librarian. And seriously, that was just random though I love YA librarians as much as I don’t love snow right now, which is to say A LOT!

    Thank you EVERYONE not just for participating but for offering up such wonderful gratitude and hope. We can all use a little more of that.

    I’ll do another giveaway in the spring, closer to the pub date, with FINISHED BOOKS!

  38. Dear Ms. Forman:

    I am 63 years old and have been reading and writing from age 3 or so. There is no need for contests or giveaways. “If I Stay” is a true gift. Your writing acumen is self-evident and the thought provoking questions at the end dictate I somehow convince my school, I am a middle school English teacher in Brooklyn, to permit me to use it in my 8th and 9th grade literature classes. Regardless of the outcome,I am of the age and financial independence to purchase your book for any and all in my classes who desire it. Tenure does have its place. This work of yours is a living thing. I am sure you have no idea the depths of feeling, of life, of choice that imbue this work and transfer to your readers. Thank you for an important work.

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