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January 28th, 2011

So, we have some winners for the ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS contests.

And, very exciting news, Stephanie Perkins was so overwhelmed with the responses that she decided to give out TWO signed copies of ANNA. That Steph, she’s so sweet that way.

So the winners of the signed books are:

Samantha Cheng, who had this comment:

I keep putting this book on hold in my city’s library but apparently a bunch of people are doing the same thing so I haven’t read it yet!!! Hopefully the next person who gets the book is me and if that really happens (cross fingers) I’ll read it right away and enter the quiz!!!

*hope* *cross fingers some more* *JUMP UP AND DOWN*

And Chelsea, who had this comment:

I would LOVE to get my hands on this book. I just stumbled across Stephanie’s blog last year, and I’d be SO excited to have a signed copy of Anna and the French Kiss, about which I have heard so many wonderful things. My fingers are crossed.

Apparently, crossed fingers actually worked this time.

The Jacques Torres chocolates, go to Cori Bair. I gotta give all you ANNA readers props. More than 30 of you entered the quiz contest and nearly all of you scored 100 percent on the test. The answers, in case you are wondering, are as follows (these are Cori’s by the way. Love how she included PAGE NUMBERS!) THESE HAVE SPOILERS, PEOPLE!

Describe Étienne’s flaw
He’s afraid to be alone. (pg. 338)

2. What is the name of Bridget and Toph’s band?
The Penny Dreadfuls  (pg. 223)

3. What is the thing Étienne wears that his mom made for him?
The Hat (pg. 112)

4.  Where do Anna and Étienne first kiss?
The Grand Bassin (In Etienne’s opinion, the best park in all of Paris.  In Anna’s opinion, the best park in all of the world. pg. 308)

5. What does Anna’s mom send for her birthday?
Girl Scout Cookies (Thin Mints and Tagalongs, pg. 268)

6. What is the first movie Anna goes to see in Paris?
It Happened One Night  (ch. 11)

7. Who is Anna’s car named after?
Sofia Coppola (her favorite director,  pg. 219)

8. What sport does Meredith play?
Football (Soccer in America, pg. 12)

9. What does the acronym SOAP, Anna’s school in Paris, stand for?
School of America in Paris (pg. 27)

Bonus Question: What real-life romance novelist does Anna’s father resemble?
Nicholas Sparks

Étienne’s flaw, by the way, was a softball. You could’ve also said he is short, afraid of heights, has crooked teeth, has Daddy issues, won’t dump his girlfriend even though he’s in love with Anna, or as one reader noted, waited until he was 18 until he tried a Tagalong. Tee hee.

Anyhow, I’ll be digging through my comments to email Samantha and Chelsea and Cori for mailing addresses but in the mean time, if you guys read this, please email me at info at gayleforman dot com and we’ll get started getting your info and get those prizes a’coming.

Meanwhile, there are MORE contests coming. In March, to celebrate the paperback release of another of my favorite books, Jandy Nelson’s THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, with this HOT NEW COVER, we’ll be running another interview, plus book giveaway and some awesome TBD bonus giveaway if you can answer some quiz questions.

Oh, and I also got word that Stephanie Perkins, the lady herself, is gearing up to run a giveaway over at her virtual pad. It has to do with the upcoming release of some book that you might’ve heard about. This one:

I will keep you posted when that giveaway begins.

And I’m also planning on interviews and giveaways with Melissa Walker and Libba Bray, who both have new books coming out this spring.

So, that’s all coming up in the spring.

Spring. If I can just keep focussed on spring books, spring releases, spring giveaways then maybe I can survive this insane winter.


  1. can’t wait for more contests!
    wait, Gayle, what do you look for in a comment when finding the contest winner(s)?
    can’t wait for where she went ;)

  2. Spoke to a high school librarian today about WSW — she read the galley and LOVED LOVED LOVED!!!


  3. so. ready. for. spring.

    this is my first winter in snow.

    i’ve been back up north for six days.

    is it over yet?

  4. You can’t see me but I’m doing the Snoopy Dance right now.

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