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May 4th, 2011


I’m feeling terse this morning, so how about I bullet point pertinent facts?

  • I’m back from California where I had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books. Here is a cute photo of me, Margie Stohl, Cecil Caselluci and Robin Benway from said festival. I swear it looks like we could be in a sitcom. GrrlWriters. Please send script treatments my way. 


  • I also am back reading at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland. You can read all about here on Ravenous Reader. But I also stole a picture of the Bay Area YA posse from Nancy for your viewing pleasure (that would be Daisy Whitney, Cheryl Herbsman, Nina LaCour, moi, Jandy Nelson).


  • And now I’m home and it’s raining and I won’t even say how bummed I am, after surviving the winter we went through, to have this rain. Because no tornadoes have destroyed my apartment (they downed a bunch of trees here but that was last summer). I’m grumpy and I’m dealing with my grumpiness by giving away FIVE copies of the UK WHERE SHE WENT. The one with this pretty cover.


  • All you have to do is respond with a note as to what you do when you’re grumpy to get ungrumpy. I will be taking notes. I’ll pick five winners by the end of the weekend. I’ll mail copies out when I get back from Florida (yo, Miami, Books & Books, Coral Gables, 5/12/ 6:30, be there and no rain this time, hear me!!!)
  • Okay, game on.
  • Bullet points over.
  1. When i’m grumpy, I like to stop what i’m doing and breathe. Usually means i’ve taken on too much and need to just slow down. If that doesn’t work I run a warm bath and read a book to get my mind off whatever is bothering me.

  2. When I’m grumpy, I shut myself in my room, crank up the music, and read a book. Or I find somebody to talk to/annoy on Facebook or Gmail. Sometimes I watch a movie or Glee. :) Oh and of course, you need food, preferably something chocolate or icy and creamy.

  3. Well now I am grumpy…wishing I was Mr. Hershey with all of this chocolate that is being consumed by other grumpy ladies:) I like to participate in a little retail theraphy when I am grumpy…but of course that can lead to more grumpiness when none of the clothes fit so I go home and I eat a batch of cookies…hmmmm I see a trend. Well then I like to read :)

  4. um…usually when I’m grumpy I run to my books…
    I’ve always read books to escape all the chaos of my daily life—
    but that’s what I usually do…wether to laugh or to think that maybe I shouldn’t be that grumpy since people are suffering waaay more than I am ~ with your book for instance~
    SOOOOOO!! that’s what I do:P
    READ!! and of course…listen to music:D

    awwwww!! love the pics!:D
    huge fan!^^

  5. When I’m grumpy I like to find a quiet place to sit with a nice latte and a book… and if that doesn’t help I head outside for a brisk walk with my “angry” music – rain or no rain :)

    Hope you feel better soon… The sun is just around the corner )

  6. when i feel grumpy i just try to sleep and relax:D or eat…or read…or eat and read:P
    but my favorite thing to do is just cuddle up in a warm blanket and think the things i am waiting for with agony to happen in the near future:D

  7. Well, Im super late for this! I answered on Goodreads :p silly me. Anyway! When ever I’m super grumpy because of too much stress from school, etc [never because of the rain because I love the rain ^.^] I always watch anime. In case you don’t know what anime is, it’s pretty much like Japanese cartoons. I’ve been watching them since I was 10 and it never fails to put a smile on my face or get me pumped for work… since I’ll reward myself by watching some more episodes after all work is done!

  8. Ha! Grumpy is a mood I’m very familiar with. Not sure if I’ve found a cure but I try.

    First, I try to make sure the mood is nice and comfy — like, with candles and or incense. Then get groovalicious with my little bit (11 year old daughter, Lexi) while my iTunes library randomly plays all afternoon long.

    End the mood by grabbing our current reads and heading out to our favorite spot. We love to spend an hour or two everyday or two just for reading. It will make ANYTHING GO AWAY! Pinkie Promise! <3


  9. I have to turn on some dancing music and open the windows let some air in and curl up with a good book after I’m done dancing my cares away.

    Thanks Jessica

  10. There are a number of things I do when I’m Grumpy to “ungrumpify” myself! First I make my “Today I love” list. Usually my list consists of things that are helping me “ungrumpify” myself…a song, a food item, a good book, a person (you get the idea). Second I listen to my “ungrumpify” playlist. Songs on this list include anything I can dance to, songs that make me happy and songs that make me laugh. A few examples would include : “The Internet is for ….” Avenue Q, “Fireflies” Owl City, “Fancy Footwork” Chromeo, “Go Your Own Way” Glee and “Lost In the World” Kanye West and Bon Iver (I’m in love with Bon Iver) to name a few. And if all else fails, I make a last ditch effort with chocolate! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win! You are an amazing writer! I fell in love with If I Stay and Where She Went. Thank you so much for such amazing and beautiful stories! :)


  11. To get ungrumpy I read books. I love to travel to a different place and experience things right alongside the characters. It takes me away from my problems and when I come back to them they don’t seem so important anymore. :)

  12. When I’m upset (aka grumpy) I run….

    I crank up my iPod and run… sometimes pretending to run far away, perhaps to a place where it’s impossible to be anything but happy. Or I simply just run until exhaustion trumps the grumpiness.

    If that doesn’t work, getting lost in a good book always does the job too!

  13. I write, usually depressing stuff.
    I play with my kids because there’s nothing like children laughing to make me smile.
    I eat chocolate.

  14. Sleep deprivation does the trick for me. Kinda weird, I know, but for some reason when in a sleep deprived state I am surprisingly upbeat and optimistic, not to mention very smiley (and I mean smiling at every little thing).

  15. I have a list of stuff I can do when I am grumpy.
    1.go for a walk and start daydreaming
    2. read a good book
    3. crank up my favorite music and start dancing
    4. if all that don’t work then i call my friend and talk

  16. To get ungrumpy, I eat something delicious! Especially ice cream!

    rain_orchid11 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  17. One of the quickest and best ways out of the “grumps” for me is to curl up on the couch with a book, a blanket and one (or sometimes all) of my 4 cats. There’s nothing like the warmth and love of a pet and nothing more comforting to me than having my “woobie” and a book that takes my mind somewhere far away and into someone else’s life, especially of it’s a re-read, such as The Outsiders; it’s one of my favorite books and I have read it many times. The blahs just melt away.

  18. I write because usually the only time I get grumpy is when I haven’t written for a couple of days.

  19. I love listening to music when I’m upset. It always puts me back into my happy mood and it’s very relaxing if you are stressed also.

  20. When I’m grumpy I read awesome blogs, such as yours, to take my mind off of my grumpiness. Or I crochet, it is mind numbing.

    Thanks for all the great reading.

  21. When I’m grumpy I either take out my camera and take some photos or if that’s inaccessible, think of my smiling daughter and/or husband. That generally will put a smile on my face any day. :-)

  22. I listen to upbeat energetic songs on my Ipod. Bad dancing usually follows XD

  23. I go, find a book where I know that something horribly funny happens and spend my day laughing,”Sucks for you! Muhahaha!”
    Then I feel guilty having so much pleasure out of idiotic characters. So I go back to the old charm: chocolate ice cream. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

  24. When I’m grumpy (I don’t even use this word much), music saves me.

    I tend to listen to KPOP (Korean Pop) songs. You know that stuffs? Well, they have this electrifying vibe and lively sounds that it makes you dance and sing-a-long even if i don’t know exactly what it says (i just babble random words that rhymes with the lyrics).

    Or I pick my guitar and play my favorite songs. :)

  25. I read usually happy or fantasy books. They always make me forget what is making me grumpy!

  26. I’m not a very grumpy person, but when I do feel down, I love working on my yard. It makes me so happy to see something I’ve nourished come to life and grow. My trees really suffered over the winter, and everyone was telling me to pull them out because they were dead, but nope, I didn’t do that. And now they are thriving! It would have made me grumpy if I had listened.

    I also find that listening to mellow music helps. Or doing things that make life easy for me, like eating a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner instead of cooking and having to wash a lot of dishes! LOL

  27. When I am grumpy or just really in a bad mood I take a long hot bath, put my I-pod on and relax with a nice glass (or two or three depending on the day) of Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon. The reason I bought the house was because of the Jacuzzi tub.

    Enough said. Hope this helps.

  28. It seems like the popular answers include listening to music, eating chocolate, or reading a book. All excellent choices.

    Something that works for me is to listen to Temptation by Moby (just something about that song)… Another thing that works is letting myself be grumpy for a little bit and then I usually get over it. Just something that works for me.

  29. When I’m at work, I usually listen to an upbeat song on my ipod but when I’m at home I share pizza with my dog and we watch Sex and the City ^_^ well… I suppose the dog is only in it for the pizza but he always cheers me up.

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