win some books, why don’t you?

May 4th, 2011


I’m feeling terse this morning, so how about I bullet point pertinent facts?

  • I’m back from California where I had a great time at the LA Times Festival of Books. Here is a cute photo of me, Margie Stohl, Cecil Caselluci and Robin Benway from said festival. I swear it looks like we could be in a sitcom. GrrlWriters. Please send script treatments my way. 


  • I also am back reading at A Great Good Place for Books in Oakland. You can read all about here on Ravenous Reader. But I also stole a picture of the Bay Area YA posse from Nancy for your viewing pleasure (that would be Daisy Whitney, Cheryl Herbsman, Nina LaCour, moi, Jandy Nelson).


  • And now I’m home and it’s raining and I won’t even say how bummed I am, after surviving the winter we went through, to have this rain. Because no tornadoes have destroyed my apartment (they downed a bunch of trees here but that was last summer). I’m grumpy and I’m dealing with my grumpiness by giving away FIVE copies of the UK WHERE SHE WENT. The one with this pretty cover.


  • All you have to do is respond with a note as to what you do when you’re grumpy to get ungrumpy. I will be taking notes. I’ll pick five winners by the end of the weekend. I’ll mail copies out when I get back from Florida (yo, Miami, Books & Books, Coral Gables, 5/12/ 6:30, be there and no rain this time, hear me!!!)
  • Okay, game on.
  • Bullet points over.
    “Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, GIVE ME SOME ICE CREAM, I’LL EAT IT WEARING MITTENS (so my fingers won’t get cold).” Lalala, you can compose the rest.

  2. I used to drink hot drinks and bake to get ungrumpy, but now I’m finding I need to run. This is a shocking development for a 46 year old who never was very athletic but wants to prove to herself that she might be able to run a whole mile one day. And then, of course, on the adrenaline high of running, it doesn’t hurt to bake some cookies.

  3. The first thing and sometimes the only thing that helps me out of a mood is music. Pop, Dance, Dancehall, Reggae, just something with a feel good attitude. Another thing which also works is watching The King of Queens. Doug and Arthur are so funny, I can’t stop laughing if I tried. One more option for me is to write about what’s making me so grumpy with pen and paper (typing doesn’t have the same feeling). That way I can just rant about it without having to justify why like I would have to with a person. My fingers might hurt afterward because of how hard I’m pressing into the page, but I feel better.

  4. I read. And eat chocolate.
    The chocolate part works especially well.

  5. When I get grumpy I go to sleep or read a book .. Reading books me happy .. Makes me why was I angry & it makes me feel like I live i’n another world ;) I love .. I can’t wait to read where she went .. Iv beenwaiting for it from a long time .. Can’t wait .. Please enter ms

  6. I usually have to just change what I am doing to get out my grumpy mood. I distract myself somehow – by reading a book, going out, watching a movie, etc… and I can usually forget about whatever is making me grumpy. :)

    Oh, and food. Chocolate always helps. :)


  7. Theresa. I run too. But it’s RAINING. And I don’t like running indoors. Baking is nice, too. My house was like a bakery this winter.

  8. Music! Happy music makes me happy! I am loving “Sweet Rose” by Matt Costa, “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamon and “Rhythm of Love” by Plain White Ts right now for happy songs.

    Thanks for this contest!

    P.S. I live around Miami and will be out of town when you’re at Books & Books :( Sad day!!

  9. That’s pretty much hard to say, because when I’m grumpy, it’s quite difficult for me to get ungrumpy.
    But when it turns out I am, I usually stay alone (I can be very mean in those moments, that’s a shame, I know) and I listen to Luke Pickett, who is a British singer songwriter and whose voice is that of an angel, very melancholic, and very soothing in my opinion. He calms me down easily enough, but when it doesn’t work, then it means I am far too grumpy to get ungrumpy, so I just go to bed and sleep as long as needed.
    I am no hero; I wouldn’t break things, I wouldn’t run like Forrest Gump and I certainly wouldn’t force myself to get all smiley anyway because it just worsens things.

  10. I either take a nap, read a book, go online, or play video games (easy ones like Peggle and UNO).

  11. I curl up on the couch with a good book and a half pound bar of chocolate….I stay there until I am done with both! The book usually lasts longer! I must escaping my own problems by entering another world through books!

  12. I drink copious amounts of hot chocolate and curl up listening to a really good audiobook. If it is sunny out, then I like to go read outside or go to the beach. That vitamin D (that’s what you get from sun, right?) makes me feel much better with an added tan bonus! If I’m reaaaally grump: baking and cleaning. It’s weird, but it works…

  13. When I’m grumpy? I read. Or eat. Either way. I like getting lost in a world with characters who have bigger problems than I do, it makes me feel better :L That sounds awful, but it’s true… :L And I eat. Chocolate mostly, but I can eat just about anything, and I’ll be less grumpy. Even broccoli. :D

    Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  14. I listen to my ipod :) Not very original, but effective none the less! Oh, and eat chocolate. Always chocolate!

  15. I like to see a movie (a comedy)or the series friends(always makes me laugh)and depending of the weather eat Ice cream or drink hot chocolate.

  16. I daydream my day away about scenes from my favorite books to music that fits the scene. And if its hot and muggy, I chill inside on the couch with a glass of sweet iced tea. If its cold and wet, I bundle up with my favorite digital blanket with a mug of warm (not hot) thick, creamy chocolate. Afterwards I usually find a warm body to snuggle to. (Looks lovingly to Max sleeping on the floor. A dog’s company is the best company. :D


  17. I get a big blanket, a really hot mocaccino and a good book, and put my favorite songs to play at the mp4. Warmed and with such a good company, it’s impossible to continue grumpy.

  18. I call my friend. She is the person who can make me laugh and think about other things in seconds.
    I read a book, listen to music and get away from the thing that causes me feel like that.

  19. I was always taught to think about others. When I’m down or grumpy, I just have to remind myself that there are people in the world who are really suffering and in the grand scheme of things, whatever made me grumpy or down isn’t all that important compared to other people’s trials.

    Then, I’ll listen to music. Sometimes Vivaldi will work or maybe some Strauss. Other times I’ll listen to A-Ha. My newest find, however, is Lambada. It’s old, but I can’t help dancing when I hear it. Brazilian music makes me happy!

  20. I get in a hot bubble bath, surrounded by nicely scented candles with one of my favorite books and escape into the main characters head until the water turns cold. :)

  21. To become ungrumpy takes one simple thing for myself, reading. I allow myself to escape into the world created by the writer and forget all that is happening in my own life. After a hour or so it is as if I was never grumpy in the first place. If that doesn’t work then I dance. I will blast the music so loud and just let my worries scatter away.

  22. I eat chocolate! That usually works.

  23. When I’m feeling really grumpy I go and talk to my big brother. That phrase gives the impression that we’re close and we’re not by any stretch of the imagination bug even through all the arguing and sibling rivalry he is the one person who never fails to make me laugh which always helps get rid of my grumpy mood. He’s always there to make me smile even if I’m clinging to my bad mood when he’s around his smile and laughter are so infectious that it slips from my grasp and I end up in complete stitches over whatever weird and random thing he’s said!

    I know not everyone has a brother to turn to like that and I feel extremely lucky that I do. I hope that everyone has someone who can do the equivalent for them though :)

  24. When I have only a few minutes: read a couple of passages of my favorite books. When there’s a bit more time: bake pancakes (special recipe from my mother). And sometimes: go downtown, get something from my favorite coffeehouse and watch people.
    Oh, and buying an unusual nail polish also helps :-)

  25. Whenever I get grumpy, I just have to see my friends to feel better. I’ll just smile and laugh and be happy with them. Laughing is something I do. A lot.
    And guess what: it works. I then forget what made me feel down or grumpy and enjoy the moment I’m living. I don’t like to complain about my problems to other people, I’d much rather listen to them.
    Chocolate is also a good thing, while I’m watching my favorite movies or reading :)

  26. What I do to get ungrumpy is either: A) get my iPod and blast my most favorite songs while singing along at the top of my lungs. It’s a great release after a long day. B) curl up with a really really good book in my pajamas and a big, warm blanket. And if all else fails, C) eating a pint size of coffee ice cream from Häagen-Dazs or any awesome flavor is sure to drown out the grumpiness. Of course, all three can be done at the same time. However, I shall warn you: singing while eating ice cream may cause choking or severe brain- freeze ;)

  27. I find that I tend to eat chocolate cookies. Lots of them. And not because they’re scientifically proven to make you happy/feel loved/whatever it was, but because they taste good. And I don’t give a damn about how much I eat or if I’ll need to exercise later, because at that moment, they just tastes so good.

    If not that, then I watch hilarious and incredibly stupid videos on YouTube for HOURS. ;D

  28. I’m a singer, singing always tends to lift my mood but in extreme cases when that doesn’t work I have what I like to call crazy solo dance parties. I plug up the iPod, crank it up and dance like no one is watching (which is normally the case and how I prefer it lol)

  29. When I’m feeling really grumpy all I need is to be alone and speak to myself all the anger I feel until I get tired! And listen loud music like REALLY loud.

  30. I watch large quantities of my favorite guilty pleasure shows (the ones I’ve already seen 500 times and know will inevitably boost my spirits), and generally there is lots of puppy snuggling going on at the same time. It’s hard to be grumpy while cuddling with an adorable puppy.

  31. The best way for me to get ungrumpy is to slap yourself the moment you feel grumpy, I really think it’s just mind over matter. If you think your grumpy then you’ll really get grumpy all the way but if you focus on something you really want and want to accomplish it and really love what you’re doing then I really think there’s no reason for you to get grumpy at all.

    Thank you for the giveaway! I’ve been wanting to read Where She Went~ I really love If I Stay :)

  32. When I’m grumpy & just downright frustrated over the silliest things, I go out of my house… and take a walk! Most of the time I dunno where the hell I’m going but chances are it could either be a stroll to a nearby park, or to the supermarket to pick up stuff I won’t really need but would be good enough to distract me from everything that’s going on.

    But I think the best cure out of any grumpy situation for me, is to buy a good book! Doesn’t matter if it’s from a local bookstore or some random book sale/flea market, I’d pick a few titles that I like, & every sad thought that crossed my mind suddenly vanishes into thin air.

  33. I cuddle with my Basset Hounds while reading a good book. Anything to get my mind off the grumps.

  34. Sophie: Yes!! Nail polish!!!! I love to shop with friends. My favorite thing is to walk around a book store for hours looking at hobbie books and picture myself the world’s best gardener, paper mache artist, fashion knitter etc. Unfortunately, in reality, I never actually do these things, just dream.

  35. I throw on some cheesy 80’s pop music, and take a spin on my pole at home or dance around my house like a fool to some blues music. Or I grab my favorite book and walk to the park to read.

  36. Whoa, Gayle, I’d say if you want to get ungrumpy, count the number of replies you got to this post and multiply by a thousand or so for the number of books you must be selling! xxxxx

  37. There are different kind of grumpies so there are different remedies. If I am grumpy at someone it usually helps if I take a nap. Whoever said not to go to bed angry was completely silly.
    When I got back from Europe last year I think I experienced a similar experience. I was counting on Arizona to be sunny when I got home but no it rained ALL WEEKEND! Come on Arizona!(said like Gob from Arrested Development) In Europe I felt like a cooler version of myself & at home I was back to the regular version of me. None of my regular things helped like reading, movies or music. I had to decide to not be sad it was over but happy I got to experience it. It wasn’t easy, I hope your slump is easier to get over. Good luck!

  38. I look at my honeymoon photos with my husband and imagine being there where it was impossible to get grumpy :)

  39. When I am in ‘Grumpy Teenage Mode’ as my mother so lovely calls it, I start pigging out on food – mostly the sweet kind but sometimes some bread sticks and dips (houmous!) go into the mix.
    Then, there’s just the times when I try to make any of my family laugh at one of my jokes, sarcasm or funny anecdotes. With someone laughing at what you just said, it makes you (well me at least) feel more happier and cheer up a little :)

  40. the best thingimprove my mood when i’m grumpy is food, especially chocolate, Nutella or burgers. But when i’m just a little grumpy listening to good music is healthier ^^ And when i want to forget why i’m grumpy i read my favorites books :)

  41. There’s nothing like Ferris Buellers Day Off! “Heeeeey batter, batter, batter, batter, saaaawingggg baattah…” :)

  42. If I’m grumpy, I bake something, like Baked Alaska with much sugar, which makes me happy again or I read something, which will distract me. These are great ways to feel better for me.

  43. When I’m grumpy I try to stay away from people. I rarely stay mad for very long so 15 mins alone usually solves my case of the grumps. If that doesn’t work chocolate always does!

  44. I lock myself up somewhere so I’m all by myself. And I read,or listen to music, watch anime…stuff like that. As long as people aren’t around when I’m grumpy and I can just chill, it’s all good.

  45. Cute pictures! I’d love to go to signing, but I live in the middle of nowhere where no authors come. :(

    I’m a bit of a nature freak, so I’ll grab something to eat (apple, banana, etc.) and take a hike into some secluded area with trees and soft grass. I’ll listen to music, lay in the grass, or sit in a tree, eat whatever snack I brought, and just let the peace wash over me. Afterward I’m usually ungrumpy!

    It’s harder to do that in the city, but when I lived in Brooklyn, I usually would go to a park or something.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. When I’m grumpy, I pop in my headphones and fold origami, sometimes with cheesy notes written on the inside. My desk at work is covered in little paper flowers which people like to take, and I think it’s funny how much people like my grumpy flowers. I’m still waiting for the day when someone unfolds one…

  47. I learned this really old song when I was younger called ‘Forever Blowing Bubbles’ I only no a few lines of it but I sign it in my head when ever im nervous, grumpy or angry and it really calms me down. So maybe find a happy song you like? or have a hot chocolate and snuggle up on the couch.

  48. I cuddle with little kids or talk to my dog. They’re too cute for me to be grumpy to. Sometimes, if it’s cold, I’ll just wrap myself with the blanket and take a nap :)

  49. I listen to upbeat songs (often “Bad Day by Daniel Powter) and try to remember everything that I’m happy about. Venting to my mom or my friends doesn’t hurt either.

  50. To get un grumpy I sing, preferably on rehearsals for my church’s choir. The next best thing is to hit the gym for a dancing session, no exercises please, that frustrates me, but dancing, sweating and feeling I have the best moves in the world is priceless and takes the grumpyness away!

  51. When i’m grumpy i take a bath, very hot bath with a good book and an ice tea ( bit not If I Stay or i will cry and that not helping my mood). But when i don’t have time for that, or it’s summer, or my little sister is agaiiin in the bathroom destroying my makeup i just listen music on my ipod, music full of joy and rythm like Bruno Mars or Alexz Johnson on my bed (and after i yell on my little sister which is very relaxing too lol).

    Thanks for the giveaway! I so in love with your books especially “les coeurs fêlés” (i’m sorry i don’t remember the english name .. )

  52. when i’m grumpy i eat a lot of chocolate & ice-cream , listen to music & sometimes i even dance , or get my car and head to the beach or to any open space and take some photographs

    thanks 4 the giveaway i so need to win this BECAUSE where she went havent been released in Qatar my country :( :( i love if i stay and im looking forward to read where she went :D

    please ?

  53. To become ungrumpy, I tend to avoid people and spend a lot of time walking around.

  54. My emergency rescue program in case of grumpiness:
    1. coffee
    2. sweets
    3. picking a card out of the set of cards with nice sayings which help me to feel better about the situation, or give some advice about how to change it.
    (Though this sequel does not have to be followed, it also works when I start with sweets or the card picking :-)).

    JOY! :-)

  55. When I am grumpy to get ungrumpy I like to get out of the house, either go shopping or go for a walk. Or if I’m reading a lighter/funny book then I read. And junk food can work, too. Although then sometimes it makes you more grumpy because you’re like “why am I eating junk? it’s so bad for me” etc etc. So um, yah, perhaps not that. But exercise, I find, really helps improve my mood.

  56. If I’m grumpy, I like to go outside and take some photographs of the flowers etc. I also like to listen to music.

  57. In order to get ungrumpy I usually will listen and belt out with my horrible voice various broadway songs, somehow they always make me feel better. If for whatever reason that doesn’t work I will read a good book or look up quotes from my favorite books. Or I will do both of these things at the same time which is the ultimate mood lifter!

  58. When I’m in a bad mood, usually turn to be at a time myself. I must be honest and say that when I’m with this bad mood, I can’t stand my own character and I hate me myself lol … Then more quietly, always … always turn to talk to my best friend. Sometimes the only thing I want is to be heard. And then, I always try to do something to distract me, music and reading helps me a lot … but there’s nothing like going out with my best friend, doing things that make us laugh, and simply stop thinking about the problems:)

    Greetings from Chile Gayle, and can’t wait for can read “Where She Went” :)

  59. When I get grumpy (Grumpy is my surname in translation :D) I read a book with hot chocolate. And I try to stay away from people. Because in this terrible moment I am so bad person for comunication.

  60. To get ungrumpy and in a better mood I basically do a combination of many things. Listening to music always makes me feel better, especially when i sing at the top of my lungs :) Otherwise, i read a ya novel and/or have what i call “Happy quote time”. Its so fun. I look them up in my favorite books and white them in the margins of the notebooks I write my books in. Oh yeah, that’s another thing. I write random happy scenes in my future books to edit them in later.

  61. when i’m grumpy I put on a pair of super comfy pj’s and curl up with one of my favourite books. Being able to escape into a world of words makes me feel so much better. Oh and ice cream. By the bucket.

  62. I turn on my favorite music, grab one (or all) of my kids, and we dance as if no one on Earth can see us. Introducing them to the one shot wonders of the 80’s and seeing their faces as their mama moves her ‘groove thang’ just kills the bad mood. :)

  63. To get ungrumpy, I listen to my favorite music and sing really badly or read a happy book! It works every time!

  64. I eat cupcakes. Preferably with Gayle Forman.

  65. Usually I read, it takes my mind off of what’s bothering me. If that doesn’t work, I have a glass of wine and watch the Housewives of the OC. LOL They have way more drama than I do and they’re rich! So then I get to thinking, ok, my life isn’t that bad. Got to let the trival things slide right over me. OR…could be that the glass of wine just made me not give a poo! :-)

    PS love that cover!!! I can’t wait to read this!

  66. Read to escape into another world or pound out a song on the piano.

  67. Usually I read or play the piano. Sometimes I eat chocolate (or bake a cake if I don’t have chocolate).

  68. 1. Lots of coffee & perhaps a few cake pops from Starbucks since I mean, I’m already there.
    2. Very cheesy, questionable pop music (a la Britney Spears) or ‘angry grrl music of the indie rock persausion.”
    3. I go in my study, shut the door, and stare at my IKEA bookcases with my perfectly categorized and organized books.
    4. Watch the movie–10 Things I Hate About You.

    I’m grumpy quite a LOT, so I’m usually overcaffeinated, partially deaf from blasting music, and can pretty quote “10 Things I Hate About You” from memory.

    And remember–SMILE, it confuses people ;-)

  69. i grab a glass of wine, open a good book, and turn up the radio…really loud so that when my hubby comes home, he says something to the effect of, ‘club’s a hoppin’ tonight, huh?’…and that always cheers me up. :)

  70. I’m definitely revealing my inner nerdiness, but to feel ungrumpy I go to the bookstore. Even if I don’t buy anything, I like to wander around and try to find new interesting books and just meander a bit. It’s weirdly calming. I also discovered one of my favorite authors that way, when I was in a particularly foul mood and determined to buy something to cheer myself up but nothing on my wishlist sounded interesting to me at the time in all of my moodiness. I picked a sort of random pick w/ a cool cover and ended up loving it.

  71. I usually just let myself feel grumpy—but I put a timer on it. Like, “I will have my pity party for three hours, and eat bad food and watch bad TV and wallow in misery. Then I will go for a walk and get over myself.”

    It usually works. Or maybe it’s the walk that works…either way!

  72. When I’m grumpy I bake books! Yes seriously I replicate books using cake and fondant. I have made cakes for some of my favorite author’s and it always cheers me up to see their reaction to seeing their book in cake!

  73. I usually listen to the cast recording of a musical. My current favorite is Les Miserables. :)

  74. Music, music, and more music! A couple of bands specifically, though: Florence+The Machine, because even in my worst moods this can bring me back down to earth; Five For Fighting, because, well, their lyrics are simply beautiful; and Lifehouse, because even after listening to “Everything” a couple hundred of times the lyrics always play on me as though this is my first time listening to it. End Result: “Grumpy? Was I grumpy?”

  75. I drink some hot chocolate (with raspberry syrup and whipped cream on top) and sit in front of the fire and either read or play the piano–a nocturne by Chopin or Clair de Lune usually helps me to relax and feel better.

  76. When I’m grumpy, I usually read. There’s nothing better than reading a good book and getting lost in the lift of a character to make me happy again.

  77. I have a 9 month old son. Just looking at him whether he is sleeping, grinning at me with his two bottom teeth smile, or being mischievous makes all my grumpiness melt away. If I’m at work or away from him, just knowing I will see him soon makes me happy.

  78. I watch cute and/or funny videos on YouTube. Anything with kittens or crazy talentshow contestants goes. Oh, or I watch a soap opera (it really puts my personal problems in a new perspective). When I’m really really grumpy, I play the Sims 2 and create my own drama: I make a heartbroken woman fall in love with her robot, I let a prince date a poor, common girl (and then he cheats on her with her twin sister, without realising it himself), I encourage a rich businesswoman to break up with her player boyfriend – who then decides to seduce her dad (yep really: I didn’t even plan that, the sim did it himself!), I let army officers get abducted by aliens and return pregnant (yay for male pregnancy), and so on! It always makes me feel much better, haha!

  79. When I’m grumpy I fill my jacuzzi with a steaming bubble bath, pour myself a nice large glass of wine, barricade the bathroom door so no one can get in, and hunker down with a good book!!!

  80. I usually read or listen to my favorite songs, but the thing that works the best for me is writing. It’s sort of like catharsis, I guess–I create a poem or short story based off of whatever grumpiness I’m feeling, and then I usually get a powerful piece of work… but the downside is that whenever I read or revise it, I’m reminded of what I was feeling grumpy about.

  81. I was feeling grumpy when I crawled in bed last night, replaying my crappy day. . . then, knowing I HAD to find a way to sleep, I consciously decided to think: there is so much beauty in this world. As I started making my mental list of worldly beauty, I relaxed and fell asleep.

    My normal default grumpy fix, however, is a glass of wine and a chapter (or six) of a good book.

  82. How do I get myself out of a bad mood? I listen to music – and am almost shocked when a really depressing song cheers meup! No idea why. 9 times out of 10, it does.

    I also have a moments of writing really awful short stories, which involve killing a character off in a horrible way. I sound awful, but that usually gets me back into the word of books, chocolate,mugs of tea and random YouRube videos.

  83. Well, when I lived in Puerto Rico and it rained outside my grandma used to make us hot chocolate with cheese inside!! So now that’s what I do when I feel grumpy ’cause it brings me happy memories!

  84. I turn on some beat filled music and dance! It gets my blood pumping and my adrenaline running! But, if I’m in a super bad grump mode I sometimes read! It takes me away from whatever reason I’m grumpy or whoever I’m grumpy at! :) And sometimes I write! Usually I have to be in a good mood to write, though.

  85. I buy a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Works marvels.

  86. when i’m grumpy and need to get ungrumpy i dye my hair a different color.

    I go outside and sit in the sun.

    I go to barnes and noble and browse the bookshelves

    and then i write, because ANGER is the BEST muse!

  87. When I am grumpy I call my best friend, she always brightens up my day!

  88. I listen to angry music or happy music, depending on whether I want to stay mad or get happy— my favorite music for any mood is tristan prettyman– she is phenomenal for all moods!

    I clean

    I read– it helps me to escape to an ungrumpy place

    and once, I walked onto the balcony of my college apartment and screamed at the top of my lungs (not one of my proudest moments, but very liberating :)

  89. To get myself in the ungrumpy stage, I always listen to heavy metal/rock music and space out. My family don’t see how I can calm myself with screams running through my ears, but for some odd reason music is the thing to mellow everything out that’s going on around me.

  90. When I am grumpy, I practice yoga. If I can, I ride my bike to the studio. Both yoga and nature help clear my mind and make me physically happier.

    Then I do something nice for someone else – I bake muffins and distribute, or call a friend and ask to take her son for a couple of hours so she can have free time. Making someone else’s day a little brighter reaps great rewards in my own happiness.

  91. What I do to get ungrumpy is change the focus of my energy from something negative to something positive. Two of my favorite examples include giving someone a compliment or giving away home baked goodies and so long grumpiness.

  92. When I’m grumpy, I’ll curl up with a good book and travel to another world. I’ll also try to think of all the good things in my life if I can’t leave what I’m doing.

  93. If I’m grumpy and the weather is good, I sit outside somewhere and read to clear my head. If I’m grumpy and/because the weather is bad, that’s a *much* bigger problem to deal with! I’ll often send emails to close friends I haven’t seen in a while to check in with them, or attempt to do a crossword (but only if it’s easy – otherwise it just stresses me out more!).

  94. If I’m grumpy I’ll usually try to distract myself with other things whether it’s reading a book, talking to a friend, listening to music, etc. Most of the time reading is the best for me to get ungrumpy.

  95. when I’m grumpy I tend to read n listen to my fav music at the same time to help.


  96. When i’m grumpy i end up baking cookies and watching romantic comedies. i think i’ve watched the Notebook a hundred times already :)

  97. I read read read read read. And I listen to music and sing along at the top of my lungs (if I’m home alone) and I read some more. And turn my music up. And maybe watch Doctor Who. =)

  98. When im grumpy i always try to think of my favorite book or something happy, or else im always going to be grumpy. I sometimes cry because all these things happen at my school with my sisters. And one is getting bullied so I want to be always happy and make someone laugh too. :)

  99. When I’m grumpy, I usually sleep or read a book. Or, I’ll watch a favorite TV episode or movie.

    If it’s more sad than grumpy, I’ll usually drop by my sister’s for a little while. There’s something about watching the 18 month old come charging at me to give me a hug while calling my name that can lift me out of the worst moods. Her older boys (3 and 5) are also great mood lifters. A hug from one of those three is guaranteed to brighten any day. :)

  100. Hm, I do a few things. I watch one of my favorite movies, or I turn the music up on my ipod and sing along (generally it’s the crazy songs), I read a book, or I watch a TV show that makes me laugh. <3

  101. When i’m grumpy, I like to stop what i’m doing and breathe. Usually means i’ve taken on too much and need to just slow down. If that doesn’t work I run a warm bath and read a book to get my mind off whatever is bothering me.

  102. When I’m grumpy, I shut myself in my room, crank up the music, and read a book. Or I find somebody to talk to/annoy on Facebook or Gmail. Sometimes I watch a movie or Glee. :) Oh and of course, you need food, preferably something chocolate or icy and creamy.

  103. Well now I am grumpy…wishing I was Mr. Hershey with all of this chocolate that is being consumed by other grumpy ladies:) I like to participate in a little retail theraphy when I am grumpy…but of course that can lead to more grumpiness when none of the clothes fit so I go home and I eat a batch of cookies…hmmmm I see a trend. Well then I like to read :)

  104. um…usually when I’m grumpy I run to my books…
    I’ve always read books to escape all the chaos of my daily life—
    but that’s what I usually do…wether to laugh or to think that maybe I shouldn’t be that grumpy since people are suffering waaay more than I am ~ with your book for instance~
    SOOOOOO!! that’s what I do:P
    READ!! and of course…listen to music:D

    awwwww!! love the pics!:D
    huge fan!^^

  105. When I’m grumpy I like to find a quiet place to sit with a nice latte and a book… and if that doesn’t help I head outside for a brisk walk with my “angry” music – rain or no rain :)

    Hope you feel better soon… The sun is just around the corner )

  106. when i feel grumpy i just try to sleep and relax:D or eat…or read…or eat and read:P
    but my favorite thing to do is just cuddle up in a warm blanket and think the things i am waiting for with agony to happen in the near future:D

  107. Well, Im super late for this! I answered on Goodreads :p silly me. Anyway! When ever I’m super grumpy because of too much stress from school, etc [never because of the rain because I love the rain ^.^] I always watch anime. In case you don’t know what anime is, it’s pretty much like Japanese cartoons. I’ve been watching them since I was 10 and it never fails to put a smile on my face or get me pumped for work… since I’ll reward myself by watching some more episodes after all work is done!

  108. Ha! Grumpy is a mood I’m very familiar with. Not sure if I’ve found a cure but I try.

    First, I try to make sure the mood is nice and comfy — like, with candles and or incense. Then get groovalicious with my little bit (11 year old daughter, Lexi) while my iTunes library randomly plays all afternoon long.

    End the mood by grabbing our current reads and heading out to our favorite spot. We love to spend an hour or two everyday or two just for reading. It will make ANYTHING GO AWAY! Pinkie Promise! <3


  109. I have to turn on some dancing music and open the windows let some air in and curl up with a good book after I’m done dancing my cares away.

    Thanks Jessica

  110. There are a number of things I do when I’m Grumpy to “ungrumpify” myself! First I make my “Today I love” list. Usually my list consists of things that are helping me “ungrumpify” myself…a song, a food item, a good book, a person (you get the idea). Second I listen to my “ungrumpify” playlist. Songs on this list include anything I can dance to, songs that make me happy and songs that make me laugh. A few examples would include : “The Internet is for ….” Avenue Q, “Fireflies” Owl City, “Fancy Footwork” Chromeo, “Go Your Own Way” Glee and “Lost In the World” Kanye West and Bon Iver (I’m in love with Bon Iver) to name a few. And if all else fails, I make a last ditch effort with chocolate! :)

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win! You are an amazing writer! I fell in love with If I Stay and Where She Went. Thank you so much for such amazing and beautiful stories! :)


  111. To get ungrumpy I read books. I love to travel to a different place and experience things right alongside the characters. It takes me away from my problems and when I come back to them they don’t seem so important anymore. :)

  112. When I’m upset (aka grumpy) I run….

    I crank up my iPod and run… sometimes pretending to run far away, perhaps to a place where it’s impossible to be anything but happy. Or I simply just run until exhaustion trumps the grumpiness.

    If that doesn’t work, getting lost in a good book always does the job too!

  113. I write, usually depressing stuff.
    I play with my kids because there’s nothing like children laughing to make me smile.
    I eat chocolate.

  114. Sleep deprivation does the trick for me. Kinda weird, I know, but for some reason when in a sleep deprived state I am surprisingly upbeat and optimistic, not to mention very smiley (and I mean smiling at every little thing).

  115. I have a list of stuff I can do when I am grumpy.
    1.go for a walk and start daydreaming
    2. read a good book
    3. crank up my favorite music and start dancing
    4. if all that don’t work then i call my friend and talk

  116. To get ungrumpy, I eat something delicious! Especially ice cream!

    rain_orchid11 (at) yahoo (dot) com

  117. One of the quickest and best ways out of the “grumps” for me is to curl up on the couch with a book, a blanket and one (or sometimes all) of my 4 cats. There’s nothing like the warmth and love of a pet and nothing more comforting to me than having my “woobie” and a book that takes my mind somewhere far away and into someone else’s life, especially of it’s a re-read, such as The Outsiders; it’s one of my favorite books and I have read it many times. The blahs just melt away.

  118. I write because usually the only time I get grumpy is when I haven’t written for a couple of days.

  119. I love listening to music when I’m upset. It always puts me back into my happy mood and it’s very relaxing if you are stressed also.

  120. When I’m grumpy I read awesome blogs, such as yours, to take my mind off of my grumpiness. Or I crochet, it is mind numbing.

    Thanks for all the great reading.

  121. When I’m grumpy I either take out my camera and take some photos or if that’s inaccessible, think of my smiling daughter and/or husband. That generally will put a smile on my face any day. :-)

  122. I listen to upbeat energetic songs on my Ipod. Bad dancing usually follows XD

  123. I go, find a book where I know that something horribly funny happens and spend my day laughing,”Sucks for you! Muhahaha!”
    Then I feel guilty having so much pleasure out of idiotic characters. So I go back to the old charm: chocolate ice cream. DOUBLE WHAMMY!

  124. When I’m grumpy (I don’t even use this word much), music saves me.

    I tend to listen to KPOP (Korean Pop) songs. You know that stuffs? Well, they have this electrifying vibe and lively sounds that it makes you dance and sing-a-long even if i don’t know exactly what it says (i just babble random words that rhymes with the lyrics).

    Or I pick my guitar and play my favorite songs. :)

  125. I read usually happy or fantasy books. They always make me forget what is making me grumpy!

  126. I’m not a very grumpy person, but when I do feel down, I love working on my yard. It makes me so happy to see something I’ve nourished come to life and grow. My trees really suffered over the winter, and everyone was telling me to pull them out because they were dead, but nope, I didn’t do that. And now they are thriving! It would have made me grumpy if I had listened.

    I also find that listening to mellow music helps. Or doing things that make life easy for me, like eating a bowl of Lucky Charms for dinner instead of cooking and having to wash a lot of dishes! LOL

  127. When I am grumpy or just really in a bad mood I take a long hot bath, put my I-pod on and relax with a nice glass (or two or three depending on the day) of Pelee Island Cabernet Sauvignon. The reason I bought the house was because of the Jacuzzi tub.

    Enough said. Hope this helps.

  128. It seems like the popular answers include listening to music, eating chocolate, or reading a book. All excellent choices.

    Something that works for me is to listen to Temptation by Moby (just something about that song)… Another thing that works is letting myself be grumpy for a little bit and then I usually get over it. Just something that works for me.

  129. When I’m at work, I usually listen to an upbeat song on my ipod but when I’m at home I share pizza with my dog and we watch Sex and the City ^_^ well… I suppose the dog is only in it for the pizza but he always cheers me up.

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