adam and mia and a third book

May 27th, 2011

Okay. Just to make this crystal clear. And don’t read this if you haven’t read IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT because it’s a spoiler. But I keep getting asked if there is a third book for Mia and Adam. And if you have finished WHERE SHE WENT, I have to ask you to ask yourself this:


Do you really want a third book?

I am so flattered that you ask. Am so flattered that you want to spend more time with the characters. But think about the ways books work. They operate on conflict. A third book would either be Adam and Mia in boring middle age. YAWN. Or I’d have to introduce some new conflict. You know, like give someone cancer. Would you want me to do that to them? Have they not been through enough already???!!!!

I love you all for asking. I love you all for wanting to be with them. You can always be with them in the pages of IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT or in your own imaginations. But the only reason I even wrote WHERE SHE WENT was because Adam and Mia were banging in my head, telling me that they weren’t happy where I’d left them. They’re happy now. They’re quiet now. I’m happy for them now.

There are some other noisemakers in my head now. They have nothing to do with any of the characters in IIS OR WSW. They are totally new people. I hope to be able to tell you about them soon. I hope you will fall in love with them in a whole different way from the way you have with Adam and Mia.

Thank you for your awesome enthusiasm.

  1. Great post and sound reasoning. I thought that it was clear that their story had come full circle at the end of WSW. The issues that needed resolved were resolved. Give those two some privacy!

  2. That’s exactly what I was telling myself all the time! As much as I would LOVE to read more about Adam and Mia I would HATE them to experience even more problems than they already have. I’m happy with how WSW ended and sometimes when I’m going to bed (like yesterday for example:D) I’m imagining them together, laughing or arguing and then laughing :) I know it sounds a little bit mental but I can’t help myself I love the two of them so much!

    PS: Can’t wait for the next book! (Which won’t be about M&A – I got it, see? :D)

  3. I can’t wait to meet these new ‘noisemakers’.
    I’m content to leave Adam and Mia as they are. They have been through so much. I like that they are living happily ever after now.

  4. I think no to a third book for Mia 7 Adam – I loved the way Where She went ended with a whole world of possibilties for them <3 I wouldnt want anything to spoil the relationship I have built for them in my imagination

  5. I’ve written a book with several characters, ONE of whom I’m taking to a second book. EVERYONE is assuming I’m taking the two happy characters to the next book. NO!! THEY’RE HAPPY – I’m leaving them where they are! I HATE when authors introduce new conflict for the sake of prolonging a story, even in the same BOOK when it seems unnecessary. I adored If I Stay and Where She Went. Love love loved them. You very clearly left Adam and Mia exactly where they should be. I will HAPPILY devour whatever new characters you create next!

  6. Middle age is so boring. In fact it’s so boring I have to write novels to escape the lack of conflict in my life!!! Hurrah for no more Adam-Mia books! They are perfect where they are and I don’t want anything destroying that ending you gave them!

  7. Me, too, Daisy, me too!
    My joke of the next Adam-Mia book. The married years. “If you change this diaper, I’ll do anything…” True to life? Yeah. Good novel, not so much. Of course, Adam totally could’ve written Go The Fuck To Sleep.

  8. Thank you! It is wise to know where to leave a story. This was the perfect ending.

  9. I’m glad they get to stay right where they are. I would be frustrated if something else happened to them even while I devoured the book. So I’m really glad you’re writing another one! I can’t wait!

  10. I totally get this. When I finished WSW I was like “I NEED MOREEEE” but then I stopped and was like “no, I don’t want more, because they’re good where they are.” So it’s funny that you posted this, because it’s exactly what I was thinking. And I think it’s awesome that you recognize that you already have a perfect ending for Mia and Adam, because I definitely hate when authors create unnecessary conflict just to bring specific characters back.

  11. After Where She Went I was craving so much more and Adam and Mia, but I was so relieved that they were finally where they should be. Happy and together. A third book would frankly terrify me a little because you’re right: Books operate on conflict. I doubt Mia and Adam could handle more.

    I’m so excited about your new work in progress! Can’t wait to hear more about it in the future. :D

  12. When I read the title to this blog I was furious – No, Gayle, they’ve already been through so much, LEAVE THEM ALONE! Huge relief when I read the rest of the blog. WHEW!

    Looking forward to what’s next! Can you give us any hints??

  13. Thanks for not caving in to popular demand. You’re making the right choice.

    I just put Sisters in Sanity on hold at the library, that will fill my need for your writing!

  14. When I read that title I went NUTS! NOT because I thought it would be a good idea – quite contrary to that actually. I don’t think I could handle a third book. Please, let them rest in peace in the comfort of our homes. :) Hehe. But yeah, I’m surprised that people wanted more when the ending was a good one.

  15. I loved IIS and I’m now reading WSW for the second time because I love, love, love Mia and Adam. (And I NEVER read books twice.)
    I’ll admit that afer I finished WSW the first time I so wanted/needed more of them. In fact I wrote a pleading comment for more on one of your earlier posts.
    But, now as I read WSW again I’ve changed my mind. You wrote a perfect ending for a perfect couple. As someone wrote above, let them live “happily ever after.” But gawd I’ll miss them.
    p.s. Adam so totally would have written “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

  16. Well, I was just wondering if you had decided on the book winner from like 2 or 3 blog posts ago. Thanks.

  17. Gayle, thank you very much for NOT writing the 3rd book. There are instances when characters just have to be left alone. Mia and Adam have been through enough. We can all imagine them being happy and in peace.

  18. I agree – please , as much as I enjoyed the two books, please do not write a third. I want things to stay just they way they are. :)

  19. I agree to no more books but would love to see a movie of Adam and Mia’s story

  20. I just finished WSW yesterday. I was bummed because it was done. I liked the ending, but kept me wondering did Adam actually go through what he had planned? I really enjoyed IIS and WSW!I would like to read another book similar like IIS and WSW. Also I agree it would be amazing to see IIS and WSW made into a movie :D

  21. I am happy that Adam and Mia made it, but sometimes I wish I had a prequel about Denny and Kat. I loved the memories of them in the first book and missed them in the second. Maybe call it Where They Were?

  22. I think it would be really great if you could write a third book from Mia’s point of view. How it was like for her to see Adam after three years. How she felt when they went on their adventure in New York .

  23. Here’s my question…did Adam ever remember to send that poor guy his iPod back??

  24. Of course he did! He sent him a new one. He would’ve sent him an iPhone but wasn’t sure the guy would want to deal with the contract. So he sent him an iPod touch. Deluxe. He’s nothing if not generous, our Adam!

  25. Although I would LOVE to read a third book, your reasoning behind not writing another is good.
    Adam and Mia have definitely been through enough, so best to leave them as they are. Happy.
    But I agree that a movie would be awesome LOL.

    I am currently re-re-re-reading WHERE SHE WENT, once my Mum has finished reading IF I STAY I will read that again :)

    Keep up the good work, Gayle!

    P.S. I love that Adam sent that guy an ipod deluxe :P

  26. just finished reading where she went and i agree there shoulden’t be a third, but can we just get a bit of an epilogue just to finish the story?

  27. I’ve read the two books and as much as I want to read more about Adam and Mia I agree that the ending of Where She Went is perfect. When I first read “If I Stay” I can’t ask for more because I’m too overwhelmed. I love the whole story and how it ends but at the same time I’m excited for the second book. And I’m thankful that you continued Mia’s & Adam story in Where She Went and for giving us Adam’s point of view. I think the two books complement each other and still works as their own. Thank you so much for creating such beautiful stories.

  28. “Of course he did! He sent him a new one. He would’ve sent him an iPhone but wasn’t sure the guy would want to deal with the contract. So he sent him an iPod touch. Deluxe. He’s nothing if not generous, our Adam!”

    ^ Gayle, answers like that are exactly why I love you and your books and your characters. Hilarious. And I’m totally Team Don’t Put Adam and Mia Through Any More Torment!

  29. The ending of WSW was perfect. I don’t think it could get any better and another book would just ruin the epic ending. Plus I’m against any characters getting cancer!

    I can’t wait to hear about your other projects. If they’re even half as good as If I Stay was, it’ll be great!
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Gayle, are you sure that you couldn’t do a third book? Your points are well taken, just love these two characters and your books so much, I am selfish and want more :) I couldn’t put the books down!!!!

  31. Adam & Mia have definitely been through enough since I balled my eyes out during both their books. That is kind of why I did want a third book more about Where They Went maybe?! LOL But I also understand wanting to leave them happy. I will miss them! Thanks for answering.

  32. it doesn’t have to be boring or cancer. it could be adam and mia take their kids out for a drive one snowy day and … …

  33. I love Mia and Adam so much. It’s not hard to understand why fans want more time with them, but I agree that they more than deserve to have their HEA now.

    When I’m really missing them, I reread the books! I even asked my local library to get them as audiobooks, and they did! So I was able to listen to their story, and it was even more magical. Another thing that helps is to spread the Mia and Adam love. Recommend the books to friends and family. I done that, and it’s been so fun to be able to talk about the characters with someone I know once they have fallen in love with Mia and Adam too!

  34. William: You. Are. Evil!

  35. As much as I love Adam & Mia, I’m glad there won’t be a third book. They’re happy.

  36. I just finished Where She Went today and loved it! I understand why there can’t be another book about them even though I would love one. If there were to be another book, I could see it being from maybe one of their kid’s point of view. Anyway, I look forward to reading more of your books whether they are about Mia or not:)

  37. I read IIS & WSW in 2 days. I loved loved loved them. In fact, Ive spent the past few hours trying to find something I think will be AS good! *(no such luck!)* BUT I must say I agree. Thats it for Adam & Mia. You left them in such a good place, and they’ve taken on so much already, now its their time to be happy!

  38. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post. I’ve read many trilogies, many two-book sets, and even a whole bunch of single books that I hope never have another story because of the conflict it brings to the characters! I can honestly say, the way that WSW ended was so happy and satisfying… I can’t think of another set of main characters that I feel more calm and happy about at the end of a set of books. Good for them, I trust that they’re out there and happy, and I’m so glad you’re not introducing any more troubles into their lives!!

  39. I think it would be awesome if you wrote a short novel about them somewhere in the future. Like getting married, having kids or something like that. I think that they should be happy too, but I still hope you will at some point write a little more about them.
    It would also be great if you wrote a book about Kim or Mias family in heaven, helping her in her head or something like that.
    But yeah, they deserve to be happy. Love your books, hope you come up with something just as amazing! xoxo

  40. Please please please make IIS and WSW into a movie. I agree a third book is not a good idea but a movie is what Adam and Mia need.

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