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October 10th, 2011

So, in case you missed it, my new two books were revealed today on Publishers Weekly. JUST ONE DAY, followed by JUST ONE YEAR. Here’s a slightly more specific version  of the PW announcement.

Can you fall in love in just one day? Can you become a new person? How about in just one year? In JUST ONE DAY and its companion novel JUST ONE YEAR, sheltered American good girl Allyson “LuLu” Healey and easygoing actor Willem De Ruiter are  about to find out against a guidebook-worthy array of foreign backdrops. Equal parts romance, coming-of-age-tale, mystery and travel romp (with settings that span from England’s Stratford upon Avon to Paris to Amsterdam to India’s Bollywood)  JUST ONE DAY and JUST ONE YEAR show how in looking for someone else, you just might wind up finding yourself.

Anyhow, here are some answers to your questions about the new books.

Are they a series?

Sort of. More like a duet. Like IF I STAY and WHERE SHE WENT, they have alternating POVs. JUST ONE DAY takes place from the girl’s point of view, that would be Allyson, sometimes known as Lulu. JUST ONE YEAR is from the boy’s point of view, may I introduce his hotness, Willem.

Willem? What kind of name is that?

Dutch. Willem is from Holland.

You just went to Holland and France. Was that to research this new book?

Yes. The book takes place in a bunch of foreign locales, including Paris, Amsterdam, Utrecht, parts of India, and of course, the U.S. I’m not going everywhere and I’ve already been to a lot of those places but I needed to see certain parts of Paris and refresh myself on Amsterdam and Utrecht.

When can I read them?

JUST ONE DAY is meant to come out in spring of 2013 and JUST ONE YEAR a mere year later. But I have to write the things first.

Does this mean that there will be no more Mia and Adam books?

Yes, that and the fact that I’ve been saying this for months is precisely what this means. Mia and Adam are where they need to be.

Really. Can’t you write about them having babies or something?

No, because that would be boring. Unless I killed the babies and I can’t do any more bad things to Mia and Adam. I’m now concentrating on doing bad things to Allyson and Willem. Bah-hah-hah-hah.

Please, a nice story about babies!

It’s gonna be boring. I’m warning you. And then Mia and Adam traveled together and lived together and after a while got married and had kids and then they argued about who had to get up in the middle of the night with them but then they made up in the morning and then they bickered about whether to teach the kids guitar or cello but taught them both in the end and everyone lived happily ever after. The end.

Oh, but if you’re THAT curious about Adam and Mia, keep your eyes peeled for the paperback of WHERE SHE WENT, coming out in spring of 2012 (at which time I’ll be touring, too, with two other FABULOUS authors). There is some bonus material in the back that gives a glimpse of what their lives together have become. It’s about as close to a third book as you’re ever gonna get.

Who is hotter, Adam or Willem?

They are totally different kinds of hot. Willem is so different from Adam. No emo-core, no guitar player, but very complicated in his way. Mia and Allyson are likewise, very different. Needless to say, I like them all very much and am enjoying spending the time with my new friends. If only they would let me sleep.

How many people do you kill in this one?

Not a single person!  And, yet,  I still endeavor to make you cry. We will see how I do in 2013.


  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! This just made my morning! Everything from the new books to the details to the extras in the WSW paperback! I am soooo freaking excited! I cannot wait for 2013!!!! Congrats, Gayle!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. 2013???? Gah!! That’s a long ways away! I cannot wait!

  3. Eeek! Congrats on the awesome news! I’m definitely looking forward to reading both of them! :)

  4. But that’s weird. I already purchased the paperback version of Where She Went, and I’ve had it for months O.o (so no 2012 and no bonus, no). Is there going to be another paperback version, or…?

  5. OK, I already fixed my problem. Just one question, though… is that short story/whatever only going to become available in that particular edition? What if we already bought the book? (maybe even the book in 2 different languages?) No possibility for us? o.Ò

  6. So excited! And YES! Adam and Mia ended perfectly. I like my memories of them to end where you left them in Where She Went :-) Not to say I won’t go all fangirl over the bonus material – lol!

  7. “and then they argued about who had to get up in the middle of the night”
    Oh Gayle, I <3 you!

  8. This news totally made my Monday! I can’t wait to read your new books, and I hope your tour next year includes a stop in San Francisco!

  9. too far away! but so excited to have more books. :-)

  10. They both sounds great. I can’t wait to hear more and am loving the name Willem. Not the norm (unless you are in Holland), which is always a plus :-)

  11. Wow, your books are amazing. I have just started reading “If I Stay”. Actually, I finished it, but my point is; I loved “If I Stay” so much I read half of it just during my school day (I may have missed my class lessons, but it was totally worth it). Yeah, so your writing is really awesome and I was wondering if you could give me writing tips cause I am 13 and when I grow up I wanna be an author. :p

  12. Jay, jay, jay!!! Willem is from Holland!!!
    I really hope you enjoyed Amsterdam and Utrecht, they’re great cities! And yes, Willem de Ruiter is a very ordinary name in Holland =)

  13. Now! Now! I want these books NOW!

  14. I’m marking them on my calendar. Whoo hoo!
    We’ll have to see how this ‘no death/imprisonment’ thing works out.
    Good luck and I’ll be seeing you at YallFest!

  15. Yea! I’m so excited! I can’t wait to read these.

  16. About YallFest, I am so sorry to tell you guys I had to pull out. We are moving that weekend or the weekend before and it’s just too crazy to try to travel then. I’m so bummed. :(((((

  17. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    (That’s all I can say right now. I am INCOHERENT.)

  18. I am so excited to read both books. Thanks for sharing your stories with us, and for making me cry. Is that a good thing? Crazy, but I guess it is. Just marked my calendar for your next success!!

  19. LOL!
    “how many people do you kill in this one?”
    I simply cannot wait!! 2013 is torture Gayle!! but I’m sure I’ll buy the pb of Where She Went, simply because I’ll never get enough of Mia and Adam!

  20. Can’t wait for the two new books and the bonus material in the paperback copy of WSW! When you say you’re pulling out of ‘YallFest’, are you saying you aren’t touring in spring 2012? Or is it a whole thing one another? If it is then how will we know if your coming to are town? Sorry for all the questions ;)

  21. can NOT wait!! I havent read where she went yet!! :O :O :O Is it available in the UK?

  22. I Absolutely love “If I stay” And “Where she went.” They are my two favourite books I’ve ever read. As I was reaching the end of “Where she went,” I didn’t want the book to come to an end! You are definitely an amazing author Gayle! :)


    One question: Why not 2012? Or if you want to make me happy happy 2011? Just kidding. Sort of. REally, I just want to read whatever you write.

    Hopefully, you’ll share what that extra content is once it’s out. Please?

  24. Both the books “If I Stay” and “Where She Went” were absolutely amazing. But, “Where She Went” was a tear jerker. The wait for 2013 will feel like an ice age.
    But, just think. The longer it takes to write, the BETTER it shall be.(:

  25. I can’t wait!!!!! EEEEEP *flails*
    and I will DEFINITELY be getting that pb of WSW… I NEED to know what happened to Adam and Mia :D

  26. I just got done reading ‘ Where she Went.’ I loved If I Stay. I like to read a lot, I LOVED reading those two books, I couldn’t put them down. I don’t know if you’re into the whole writers making books into movies cliche, but honestly I think those books would make an excellent sequel. They blew my mind away. Every category of emotion was included in those books. I’m a sucker for love stories, but not your usual happy go lucky white picked fence ordeal. There’s a twist, that makes it so much better. I enjoyed reading your books, thank you so much. (:

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