some days…

January 19th, 2012

Some days, I have fantasies about returning to the Pacific Northwest and having lots of room and being near family.

And then I see things like this:

And I change my mind.

I’m such a sun whore.

  1. That weather sounds miserable! But I do hope to visit that area one day since I’ve never been!

    Can’t wait to meet you this Saturday at the MoCo Teen Book Festival! I missed your last Houston event. :)

  2. Haha yeah, I am from Bellingham and let me just say, we’re starting to get cabin fever up here! For the past few days it hasn’t hit above 18 degrees (and the low was 10 degrees with a windchill of -10) and the forecast for this morning is “ice pellets.” Can you believe that?! I didn’t actually know there existed a forecast for “ice pellets!”

    As I looked in my closet this morning for something to wear for the day, I stared longingly at my summer dresses. *sigh* Hope the weather is nice and warm where you are!

  3. It’s cold where I am (New York) but sunny. I can handle the cold. But longterm forecasts like that make me mildly suicidal. Strength, my NW sisters and brothers. It’s the price of living in Eden.

  4. I live in Portland, OR, (Where the majority of If I Stay happened!) And I have yet to leave the house without my puffy down jacket, wool scarf, and rain boots.

  5. ~Pacific Northwest maybe rainy but the rain is comforting and puts you to sleep and almost calms you from being raised in the inviorment. I don’t think I would ever be able to be away from a place like Washington to long, Its just a perfect place of grey clouds, but it makes the suns return such a more of an exiting event. And the rain makes going to any sporting event a bit more exiting and thrilling, so all in all I like the sun, but you can’t beat the rain! :) haha. No place like Home!~

  6. Sometimes I think about moving back to New York. But then I remember that I’m currently wearing shorts sleeves and it’s the end of January. So. There’s that.

  7. New York is being schizophrenic right now. One moment there’s snow, then sun followed by torrential rains. Still, I’d take her elements of surprise any day.

  8. I can’t wait to move to Washington State. I love the rain.

  9. I live in Cole Camp,MO and last winter we had lost 14 days of school because of snow og i hate it i want Califorina back just move here 2 years ago ~sigh~ miss sun soo bad!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(

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