Event at Books of Wonder Tuesday, July 17!

July 14th, 2012

Come see Kristin Cashore, Melina Marchetta and ME at Books of Wonder this Tuesday (July 17) for an evening of Authors interviewing Authors.


How is this author event different from all other author events?

Next week, on Tuesday, July 17th, a day that will live in infamy, I will be doing an author event at Books of Wonder in New York City with Kristin Cashore and Melina Marchetta. This is a Huge Deal for several reasons, the first among them the fact that these are two authors I admire enormously, not simply as young adult authors but as authors of extreme talent, emotional range, creativity and integrity. So I’m very excited to do an event with them.

Also, Melina lives in Australia, so having her is kind of a novelty and Kristin lives in Massachusetts and choses her events sparingly. Both of them are brilliant. I cannot say this enough. Kristin just had this incredibly smart Q&A published in the New York Times, which you can read here. See, she’s so smart! No wonder her books are so good!

But what will make this event different, I think/hope/pray is that the three of us have been itching to get together (not literally itching; we bring no fleas) because though we ostensibly write in very different styles (Kristin is a fantasy gal; I’m a contemporary, and Melina has seemingly defected from the latter to the former) we all seem to have a lot in common, from the themes we cover to the way we approach writing and publishing. To be perfectly honest, what we really want to do is have a conversation with each other, in front of you, and of course, with you. I think it’ll be a pretty rare and honest and provocative and thoughtful and funny glimpse into how authors really operate.

If not, you all can just join me in my fangirly swoon. Because did I mention, it is Melina Marchetta and Kristin Cashore?


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