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Writers’ Advice? I’ll Give You Writers’ Advice!

May 16th, 2012

  So I just got back from a whole bunch of traveling and touring and got asked a zillion questions, but one of the most popular ones was this: What advice do you have for aspiring writers? I answered it so many times that I managed to edit down my usual blathering to a single […]

answers, part 1

January 16th, 2010

Lisa asks: Okay, I want to know, since I’m moving from squeeze writing in when I can to making writing my actual JOB, how you work? Do you make daily goals for yourself for time or pages? Do you write in your home or do you like to go somewhere, like a coffee shop? Any […]

some useless pieces of writerly advice

July 18th, 2009

I’ve been getting a bunch of emails and Facebook and MySpace messages lately asking me about the writing process. Maybe one of these days, I will get it together enough to post an FAQ on my web site like some writers do (and I love reading those and peering into other people’s processes). But for […]