A collection of blog posts on the, heh, heh, craft of writing.

Why I Love Writing

A short post that actually explains that weird magical process by which you’re sitting at your desk and doors open and your imagination takes flight. Moral of story? The muse visits when you’re at your desk working!


Some Useless Pieces of Writerly Advice

A longer piece, with more specifics about owning your own voice, getting over writers’ block and ignoring the advice of other writers. Hmm.


So This Is Why Writers Are Drunks!

On over-identifying with your characters, an occupational hazard.


Silkworms and Diarrhea

On the sometimes painful—but always necessary—process of revision.


Ask Me Anything

In which readers ask questions about handling rejections, budgeting their time for a freelance life and getting the work done each day.


Query Letters

The story of how I landed my agents, complete with the query letters that may or may not have helped my cause.


Secret Agents

A brief how-to that looks at how to get an agent. With links to other web sites and recommendations of books that will give you much more specific advice than a single blog post can ever do.