Other Stuff

+ Will you read this thing I wrote?

While I’m very honored that you asked me to read your writing, if I said yes to all such requests, I’d never have time to do my own writing. But your instinct for feedback is a great one. It’s incredibly helpful to have other people read and comment on your work. One thing you might do is form a critique group. Another option is to join an online forum where other users can read and respond to your work.

+ Can I interview you for my school paper/blog/thing?

I’m so flattered you asked!! Unfortunately, I’m taking a break from interviews between books.

+ Can you help me with my homework assignment/unpublished manuscript?

I wish I could but I can barely keep up with my own work, never mind my laundry.

But here is what I can do: I can offer you this selection of my blog posts on writing and publishing.

Writing a school paper on If I Stay and need some tips? Click here.

If you want to try your hand at writing a novel, I point you toward NaNoWriMo’s awesome curriculum guides.

If you want to take an online class to workshop your book with a professional, I highly recommend Mediabistro. They have all kinds of publishing classes, offered in several cities, as well as online.

Okay, now who wants to help fold laundry?

+ How do I find an agent/get published?

That can be a long and complicated process. My overall piece of advice is to create the most amazing thing you can write first. Then worry about finding an agent/publisher. Horse first, then cart. If you have already finished your manuscript and want information on what to do next, here is a selection of resources about publishing.

+ If you send me a book, I'll review it on my blog.

Hooray for you and your blog! I am so grateful to book bloggers fighting the good fight! I’m not in charge of my books, however. You can reach out to Penguin and request a review copy.