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Can you draw? Illustrate a quote from one of Gayle's books and she might feature it on Instagram! 

Here's what some talented readers have come up with:

How does this work?

  1. Browse quotes from Gayle's books here, or choose one of your favorites. Please keep quotes short—no more than 25 words.

  2. Fill out the form below.

  3. Draw! Following the below guidelines will increase your chances of being featured:

    • Complete your drawings on white paper, at least 6x6 inches.

    • Make sure your artwork is related to the quote.

    • Keep your background designs to a minimum.

    • Use a dark pen or pencil.

    • Use color sparingly. Line drawings are preferred. If you do use color, please note that your colors will be adjusted during our design process and will not look the same as your original artwork.

    • Do not write the quote on your artwork—we will take care of that.

  4. Scan your artwork. You can do this with a phone scanner app. Make sure your scan is high quality!

  5. Sit tight. If you haven't already received an email from us about submitting your artwork, you will soon. We will give you further instructions about submitting your scan.

  6. That's it! If your artwork is selected for Instagram, we'll let you know.

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