• Leave Me

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    Leave Me

    Meet Maribeth Klein, your typical overworked, overextended default parent. She’s so busy that she doesn’t realize she’s having a heart attack, and so depended upon by her family that after heart surgery, she cannot recuperate. So she does the unthinkable: packs a bag and leaves. Only then does she begin to understand what she is really running from.

  • Now in Paperback

    I Was Here

    Cody and Meg were inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Until… they weren’t anymore.

  • Anything Can Happen…

    Just One Day

    Just One Year

    Just One Night

    Sheltered American good girl, Allyson, and wandering free-spirited Dutchman, Willem, spend a single magical day together in Paris before they are mysteriously separated. In the ensuing year of looking for the other, they both wind up finding more than they ever imagined.

  • If I Stay

    Where She Went

    Sometimes You Make Choices in Life and Sometimes Choices Make You

    In If I Stay, everything changes in an instant for 17-year-old cellist Mia. Caught between life and death, Mia is faced with the most important decision she will ever make. In Where She Went, life has drastically changed for Mia’s boyfriend, Adam…